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Hard Sync Apparel

Hi guys...just wondering if you'll make it possible to sell from Europe? For us that dont have US social security numbers?


I have had to use Wanelo customer support a couple of times and it is Very different than other sites. I actually get answers from Wanelo and emails who will listen to the problem and try to help. It is not just this is the way it is like I have gotten from other. Also they do admit to mistake and fix them. Other sites just tell me lies because the people I am talking to have no authority to change anything....

Bvstore 29945

It is really dysfunctional in terms of syncing. I've unfortunately had to refund multiple customer orders because the app didn't do it's job of syncing (has not synced for days) and customers were ordering sizes that were sold out (but showing as available on their site) because of this reason. It's not acceptable for a sales app to do this and can potentially hurt business with having to refund so many orders due to their mistake.

I've contacted customer service and they reached back out to me 2 weeks later and claimed they fixed the issue, but I'm experiencing it again now. They really need to implement a "force sync" feature because "automatically" does not work.

Additionally the commission increase from 10% to 15% is ridiculous and not worth it - expect low profit margins.

Beads And Dangles

I have been using Wanelo for several months and am very pleased with this sales channel. It's easy to use and generates income! Customer service has been responsive to getting my questions answered. Recently I started to duplicate some of my Shopify listings to sell only on Wanelo at special prices and this has also been very successful.


brought in better sales than Pinterest

Altru Apparel

WANELO has been a good additional sales channel for our company. Watching styles gain momentum/trend, that go through sales bursts are interesting and good business. The inevitable problems that have occurred now and again have been dealt with promptly, with good communication and problem solving. WANELO has been a good partner for us and to reach a group of potential customers we may not have been exposed to otherwise.

Vanity Fragrance

Just bare with me I gotta write this real quick: I would like to advise anyone who hasn't and plans to install or has already installed the wanelo app to consider Wanelo revenues as extra income. Otherwise you better be selling something fairly unique or less competitive.
If you try to raise your markup so as to make more money from wanelo your prices are going to be too high to be competitive. If you stay within the market range wanelo will take the biggest chunk from whatever profits they bring you. However, you will have some money left. (Assumptions based on a 25% Markup) So with low profits your options are:
a) Give the best customer service when you get a chance of a sale hopefully the customer will shop directly from your site next time.
b) increase your sales from wanelo such that the low profits turn into large cumulative profits.
c) Increase your inventory on wanelo. More inventory increases the chances that your products are going to be seen by a customer. If you doubt me try searching for an item you carry when the results pop up try looking particularly for your own product. Then whatever you find out imagine if it was a customer how likely would they be to go that far just to buy your product? Another good indicator of your product visibility is how many people are saving your products.
d) To make more money per product with wanelo you will have to find away to cut down your costs of your products so as to increase your profit after paying for fees and commission.

this is getting too long so let me summit it up whatever issues you will experience with wanelo are not out of ordinary. System integration is not 100% and should be excused, only if you knew what goes on behind scene you would understand whee i am coming from. Continuous issues with a platform now that is something to talk about. If you quit wanelo you lose. Quit only if it costs you more to process an order than you get in return after fees and commission. In fact even if you don't make any profits and neither are you making losses (break even) i recommend you stay. The marketing and exposure far out ways what you stand to lose. Use wanelo for exposure and branding. Convert your wanelo customers into your customers with whatever it takes. I plan to let wanelo do their part and while anxiously waiting to do mine.

My Gift Obsession

Been using this app for a few months. Not very good. Very few sales. Very little traffic for the time I've spent working on it. Wouldn't recommended.


I have been using wanelo for 6 years. They got too big for their own good. Years ago it was amazing. Now it's horrible.if you're not a big store forget it.waste of time and money.they should be ashamed. It was an amazing app and made small owners actually successful now they are manipulating their own users to buy from large companies. If you are a buyer your being led in to large stores like mindless moron.before real people decided what was awesome.not anymore the stores decide it for you based on who pays wanelo the most


Absolutely Fantastic!

Massive traffic and sales, you need this app!

Great customer service, very helpful and quick response time.

Courtney & Gerald are excellent!

Fees are not high in comparison to the amount of sales you receive.


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