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Furnished Place

Had so much issue as a Canadian Small Business owner. First I had to get a USD account since they cannot transfer the money to my CAD account. Then when I finally got all the paper work done I tried connecting it with Shopify and it keeps giving me the 404 "DANG it did not work" asked Wanelo and took them forever to reply back to me. Now, I hear that the fees are raising and I cant even afford to post my item there to sell. I sell items that are around $7 to $15 USD with the additional 5% and 2.9% fee... I'll probably be losing money. Maybe I'll give Fancy a try now that I have a USD account.

Scotts Sales

“Starting on June 25, 2016, Wanelo is updating the commission and fee structure for orders placed via the Wanelo platform to 15% of the sale amount and a 2.9% transaction fee in place of the Shopify transaction fee.”

At first wanelo was the most cost effective place to sell our items. Now it has become the most expensive place to sell. From 10% to 15% is a big jump. And even more ridiculous is the fact that you’re going to charge a “2.9% transaction fee in place of the Shopify transaction fee.”

This shopify fee you speak of is more then shopify charges us. Not to mention they wave this fee when items are sold on wanelo. And you seem to think since shopify doesn't take that money that you should get it. It’s not right. What you’re going to do is turn wanelo into a place where only big company’s can make it. This affects small businesses in a big was. At the very least you should remove this shopify replacement fee. Shopify doesn’t charge it for a reason. And that doesn't mean that you deserve it.

Debras Passion Boutique

While Wanelo did bring sales, they now have changed to charging 15% of the sale, plus they have their own fees 2.9% -don't use Shopify fee structure. No customer service support. Have to learn it all on your own by clicking on stuff, entering info and see how it looks to prospective buyers. They have flat ship fee so make your fee cover everything. Hard to navigate Wanelo to even find a customer service email No phone support. No IT support or very little. Not worth it. I removed it.

4 Paws Pet Stuff

This is a sub-par app, syncing is weak and they do not give you an easy way to manage your products on their site including removing products or choosing what you want to list. If you have a site with thousands of SKU's look out. You will spend a ton of time going through each product 1 by 1 to determine what to include to their platform and what not to. Everything automatically syncs in the beginning whether you like it or not. Plus, they do not invest anytime into developing this app or upgrading the features to make it more user friendly. This is priced way higher than what the value of it is. They already charge a fee of 10% of your gross sales including on your shipping fee and now have just notified users they will be charging 15% of gross plus a 2.9% transaction fee. We've used this app now since November 2015 and have just canceled our account/removed the app due to the price increase for what is widely seen as something very sub-standard.


Horrible!!! doesn't sync correctly with shopify store, also they keep raising the fee%

261 Boutique

Loved this app in the beginning - it resulted in quite a few more sales a week. And then recently they've pretty much stopped. Not sure if they changed their algorithm or something but unfortunately I'm not so impressed anymore. Now they're going to raise their commission to 15%? No thank you. I will be deleting this app.

Update: Even after deleting the app, I'm still getting sales. How does that even happen??

Another update: Wanelo decided to take $150 out of my checking account yesterday. When I asked about it, they said it was due to an error in their system from LAST APRIL! I'm soooo beyond done with this company.

Starchild Works

App doesnt offer calculated shipping or doesnt offer shipping that isn't worldwide. I only ship to canada and the U.S for instance and if I were to offer a flat rate for shipping the cost could be a difference of hundreds of dollars. This app needs to step up and change that they are losing a lot of money.


10MAY16 App started off great with a few extra sales through them a month. Now the sales have completely stopped and the app is dead.

13JUN16 After leaving this bad review, I have now started getting orders here and there so I am upgrading my review to 3 Stars instead of 1. If you're looking for a few extra sales, go ahead and download.

01OCT17 2nd year with this app and I haven't even received an order through this app. 0 sales from them and my stores sales and products are up so it isn't me. Back to 1 star, be careful if you're thinking about downloading this app.

19MAR18 Still no sales from this app. Used to be worth a handful of orders, not anymore

A Moms Attic Llc

I wrote a review similar to this and removed it because I thought Wanelo had fixed the problem- THAT'S NOT THE CASE
At first I loved this APP I had sales and was so happy that I installed Wanelo and recommended to many of my friends ~ all of a sudden my sales stopped.
If I could negative stars I would ~ As a seller on Wanelo. I am not happy at all. I have contacted Wanelo's support team over and over because of one reason or another. I am having issues with the whole app I cannot verify my settings, they charge the wrong tax on orders they only estimate sales tax which I believe is against the law.
I placed a test order yesterday for $14.00 + Shipping 3.99 than there is a charge for $3.30 for Taxes and Fees (Tax on 14.99 should be $1.26) not sure what other fees are - I asked and question not answered - Total test order was $21.29. I refunded the order however, I could only refund $19.34 (Tax amount on refund shows $1.35) not sure where the other money is that I paid on a test order - Looks to me like there are hidden Wanelo fees on top of the commission they take for each order. Very unprofessional - Put way too much time into this app that does'nt seem to work anymore -Seller's beware

Playfully Ever After

Worked okay at first and I was getting 3-5 extra sales a month. Then there were some errors with orders on Shopify which caused errors in the feed to Wanelo. I manually fulfilled the items in Shopify and marked them as fulfilled and added the tracking #'s like normal, but for some reason this caused a glitch in the Wanelo system.

Even though Wanelo had the tracking #'s for the ordered and they showed as delivered, they kept sending me emails saying I could not be paid for these 2 orders until they were fulfilled (which was funny because they emails they sent showed the tracking # next to the orders and that they had been delivered)

Long story short, I communicated with both Wanelo and Shopify support, but they each said there was nothing wrong with their system and to contact the other side. Wanelo would not pay me the $68 for those 2 orders, even though they showed they had been shipped and delivered. I could have had them call the customer to verify it, but their accounting system would not disburse funds to me unless their automatic feed showed it as fulfilled.

Grrrrr..... So Wanelo. Keep the $68 in sales. I give up. And I give up on this app and deleted it.