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Wibbilywobblytimeywimie Com

Is the app dead? getting an error when I click on the get button

Romeo Et Juliet

Total nightmare.
Over Christmas I was selling like mad- tons of dropshipped items sourced on Ali Express, and I was singing the praises of Wanelo for the traffic.
Their requirements were simple: have a tracking number with an approved shipping agency that was updated when the item was shipped. Every one of my items met that criteria. Now, most dropshipped items from China are shipped via a very cheap method that does not update again after shipment. That wasn't a big deal. If a buyer claimed non-receipt I would refund and reship.
In January Wanelo sent me a long list of items their system did not recognize as having been shipped, and I worked with their agent to verify each one. She and I agreed that if I only had orders shipped via ePacket the problem would not arise again.
I quickly learned that even when I chose and paid for ePacket, the sellers would ship the cheap, untrackable method, and keep my money for the shipping upgrade! At that point, I eliminated all dropshipped items.
Another couple of months went by, and suddenly they were claiming orders not shipped again. I worked (again) to prove each one, with links stating "in transit" which is the exact language they use in their policy for an item having been shipped. (The problem was with their system not automatically recognizing orders shipped as they claimed it did.) They reinstated me again, but warned if I had any other issues they would shut me down for good. (This made NO sense as I hadn't done anything wrong/against policy. They already had the same information when I was shut down and when I was reinstated. What was I being punished for?? I asked, they never answered.)
The agent's statement was, "Our records show that your store now has 0 orders with placed 10-60 days ago without valid tracking, so I’ve re-enabled your store"
At this point I brought up 55 orders for which I had yet to be paid, totalling over $400.
Suddenly they claimed I had many unshipped orders several months old (some I had been paid for?). I took HOURS to screenshot and prove shipment of each and every order. They claimed I needed to provide delivery as well, which is not one of their requirements. When I argued, they shut me down for good. The agent claimed they would pay me after 90 days, but so far no go.
Wanelo changed the rules just for me and as far as I'm concerned has stolen $440 from me.
They have zero phone support. I still feel like I may have been much more successful had I been able to speak to someone, but every time I asked I was refused.
I hope to spare others the nightmare I've experienced.

Grand Rapids Liquids

App does not work. It used to work great and I got a lot of sales. Then one day it just stopped working... I emailed several times and no one can apparently get my store up and running. Dead end road with nobody to ask for directions. just sucks.

Swahilimodern Com

Was really excited about this, but there is no way to set individual shipping prices for a product or set a shipping tier. You also cannot adjust the product cost if you opt to offer free shipping.


App doesn't even work, it gives 500 error when logging into Wanelo.

Made Drift Apparel Racing

Lack of proper support. Customer service staff not trained in communication and retention. Seemed seriously disinterested in helping us with our specific problem. Not at all concerned that we hadn't been paid for any orders that had been shipped and delivered, instead, blamed it on the assumption we hadn't been approved or filled out the proper forms (which we had done several times, even received all the notifications saying we're ready to sell/approved for Wanelo). Claims that Stripe was the reason for delayed processing, we use Stripe with the same details through several channels, never have had an issue.

Things started off promising, but the overall bugginess of the site is unmanageable from our point of view. Updates to company profile NEVER went through, never got paid for orders made through the system so we ate all costs... Just wasn't worth it.

Over a decade in the Ecommerce space running stores that generated millions in revenue, I've only run into a handful of companies that I would not only never work with again, but be quite active in telling others to avoid them at all costs. Wanelo is one of those companies.


No support for Canadian stores, you cannot complete the installation as you need a USA routing number.

Broke Biitch

We've been using Wanelo for over a year and we don't have any good things to say about them anymore.

Wanelo definitely brought lots of traffic to our store before, now the sales went down. They have their own audience, which is pretty good for the business. However, they keep changing their payout rules on such short notice and twice in past half year. At first, they pay you when you fulfill the orders, then they changed to pay you when the package is "in transit", which I understand. NOW, they only pay you after 15 business days when the package is "in transit". Basically, they only pay you twice a month and just hold you money for 15 days. More that that, they've increased their commission fee from 10% to 15%.
Wanelo has no phone supports. They don't really response to your email unless they need something from you.

BEWARE the cost of doing business with Wanelo! BEWARE!


I sold Items on there and made good profit at end they not even paid me out this is a scam company i wouldn't trust at all

They not respond on the EMAIL
They close your Store and copy your products
They refund any offer when they want to refund

Theses people are scammer they ask me where my products from

After all i got an notification : view similar products of 'mystore that i own' they copy 1:1

This is a rude company can't belive people like this exist to scam other companys


Feeds not updating, customer service states they're going to manually rerun feeds, but doesn't. Problem has existed for two weeks to date. Poor customer service.