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Deja Vudo

We had sales right away with this app. We loaded it right before the holiday season and we got lots of sales from it. The sales do come in a lot at times and then not so much. The biggest complaint we have is that if you mess with your product too much like trying to put items in collections to make it easier to find it may suspend you account for spamming. Other than that we do really like the app.

Grand Rapids Liquids

App does not work. It used to work great and I got a lot of sales. Then one day it just stopped working... I emailed several times and no one can apparently get my store up and running. Dead end road with nobody to ask for directions. just sucks.

Nelson Thoma

Wanelo is one of the better apps I've used. In my book, any app that I can directly attribute to increased sales is worth a five star rating. I haven't had to contact their support so I can't say if its good or bad. That said, the fact that it works so seamlessly is a good indication that they would probably be very responsive if I ever needed support. The best customer support is an app that works so well you never have to contact the developers.


The support is great -- fast responses. One big drawback is that the shipping setting is very limited. You can only set one flat rate, or set it to percentage of the product price (which doesn't really work for us). So if you sell various items with different weights, it's pretty tricky to set the rule that will work for all items. We have emailed them and they are pretty open to suggestions, though. Hoping there will be more options soon.

The Lifestyle Luxury Store

Just installed the app, lets see how it goes, it has some really good reviews but i can only comment after a few days of using it.
Keep up the good work.

~ Team PricesOnSale.com


Honestly, it feels like I have never given 5 stars to an app before because they all have some underlying trick or ploy and I understand it is business and so I try and find the best apps knowing none will be great. Wanelo has brought me back to a place of realizing the mutual benefits when all companies join together to make customers happy.

Our sales have increased 30% since Wanelo and yes, we do pay Wanelo 10% of the sale price but if you have a 30% or 40% markup, then you are certainly winning in the end. Easy setup and awesome support, this is a great app to just connect and watch increased sales roll in.


Wanelo brings us some traffic and sales. Don't expect to blow you away, but heck, you can't complain with some extra sales & exposure.

Swahilimodern Com

Was really excited about this, but there is no way to set individual shipping prices for a product or set a shipping tier. You also cannot adjust the product cost if you opt to offer free shipping.


This app sets you right up with Wanelo and there isn't much work beyond that. I have received some sales from Wanelo and everything went well :)


App doesn't even work, it gives 500 error when logging into Wanelo.