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Nifty Thrifty Co

Sold items two months ago was never paid. No response. No Nothing. Followed instructions for shipment still nothing. Absolutely no customer support. This company is terrible. I urge other sellers in the same boat to contact the CALIFORNIA ATTORNEY GENERAL as this is fraud. They are stealing from people.


Awful. Awful. Awful. ABSOLUTELY NO Support. Terrible application process. It's been over a year now since adding the Wanelo app. Even though I've submited my EIN and bank account info over a 30 times I'd be willing to bet, I either got ZERO feedback regarding my submissions or my status continued to show that my store was ineligible. I've contacted support several times and even used one of my complimentary Shopify support hours hoping they might have a quick fix. I get the impression Shopify is well aware of their poor performance and stays out of it. This app should be gone with "FinditQuick". Absolutely NO SALES! - That goes without saying. But here's the best part... if I login to Wanelo, not going through the Shopify sales channel, my store actually has a profile with 33 published products (out of probably about 500 with thousands of variants). So not only were some of my products accepted probably well over a year ago, but I was continuously told my store had NOT been accepted or that I constantly had to resubmit my personal and very sensitive information. It's infuriating that Wanelo is allowed as a sales channel with so few to access in the first place.

Spy Web

Awful app, I cannot find words for their lack of the support and how the app is buggy!!!

Stay away from this app.



Dress Album

Never get paid from them. The product was shipped on Dec 17 and delivered on Jan 2. We emailed shopping@wanelo.com twice on Jan 22 and 25 to ask about the payment but never got a response from them. It's Feb 2 and we still haven't got any payment or response from them. We now suspect it's a phishing company...

Black Velvet Indulgence

What a rip off. Holy cow. 18% plus 30 bucks a month or MORE for the privilege of them taking 18 %? Wanelo get your act together.

Cute By Design

They are a rip off. They take longer than a month to payout thinking you will forget or not keep track and when you request they will tell you they paid you out already! They're full of it! Do not use them!!!


Don't like it. I don't get a lot of sales from it but they charge 17.9% of your sale and it takes one month after delivery to get paid. Definitely not worth it.


Doesn't update the products listed and clearly they have an issue based on so many poor experiences now documented on the web. Hard to remove from Shopify.


UPDATE: Wanelo stole $40 from us. This company is NOT TO BE TRUSTED. PERIOD.
So here's what happened. I believe we touched on this in our earlier review. Basically, they say that they update the shopping feed on a weekly basis. This is clearly untrue, because someone was able to place an order for two items that we had not carried in quite some time. So the orders went through and we told customer service that we no longer stocked the products, and that we were very unhappy that Wanelo sold two items we don't even have. We also told them that we would be uninstalling the app and would not be using Wanelo anymore. They told us that we needed to cancel the order. I asked if they would be able to do it from their end since we had already uninstalled. They didn't reply. They sent another generic email asking where the orders were. I emailed them back explaining the entire situation again, and asked if they could please cancel the orders. Still no response. Finally, yesterday, I found a charge on my shopify account for $40. Well, Wanelo takes weeks to actually pay you, and they only pay you after fulfillment. Since the orders were never fulfilled, I never got my money for these two orders. They took the $40 (which is what the total was for both orders) even though I had never received the money in the first place. I'm guessing that they do this with people pretty regularly, and a lot of them probably don't even notice that it's happening. I'm working on recovering my funds, and I will be sure to be very vocal about how terrible this company is. Considering bringing my lawyer into the picture but I'm not sure that it would even be worth the trouble.

Any positive reviews were probably either paid for or written by people who work for the company.

Original review:
I've had an all around terrible experience with Wanelo. Honestly this app/website is such a scam. Read some of the reviews on Sitejabber if you want more information about how Wanelo is screwing both buyers and sellers over (there are hundreds of angry folks voicing their concerns there). Their fees are absolutely insane, they deliver very little in terms of sales (most of which you won't even break even on after your overhead costs are figured in), and their customer service department is essentially nonexistent. Wow, I almost forgot to mention that you cant even get directly in touch with your own customers because Wanelo is afraid that they'll get eliminated from the picture and won't be able to take their fees.

I read all of the bad reviews before deciding to try it out. I figured that maybe those people had just been unlucky. I know, that's kinda crazy to give them the benefit of the doubt when there are hundreds of people complaining about Wanelo screwing them over, but I'm just a positive person like that. I wish I had saved my time and energy.

I decided to quit using it when I got two orders from Wanelo totaling $40. Awesome, finally a couple sales from Wanelo! Except for the fact that the orders were for items that I hadn't stocked in months. They say that they automatically update your shopping feed every 7 days, so how did I end up with TWO orders for TWO different items that I don't even stock anymore? That's a poor reflection on MY company, and it's all because Wanelo doesn't live up to their claims. Can you tell that I'm irritated? It's okay though, we've been making great revenue without the help of any third party sales channels. If you aren't yet, you can too. But using this app may stunt your company's growth.

Steer clear, just avoid the trouble. The promise of more sales for new stores (and older, profitable stores alike) gets a lot of people excited, but this company will honestly just lose you money. Even if you made a few bucks, it wouldn't be worth the headaches because the customers aren't YOURS to keep. That means you can't market to them in the future at all. Is there any point in having your own store if you can't keep your own customers? At that rate you might as well just sell as an affiliate for another company.

Try it if you must, but you can't say that I (and hundreds of other people if you bother to look on Sitejabber or other review websites) didn't warn you.