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The Word Changes

not having a good experience with Wanelo. Their app is not populating my store products and they are not being responsive concerning the issue. They have told me that they will fix the issue then they take a long time to get back to me. I am the one that has to follow up. They then say the issue is fixed but I check and it's not. I alert them and they don't respond.

Whimsical Embroidery Designs

DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME. I sold a couple of products and they won't pay me. I've had to file two complaints on BBB and have contacted their CEO and nobody responds. I'm still waiting for my money. Their customer service is TERRIBLE. They ignore emails and its hard to get through to them. They hung up on me while I was talking to a rep. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE. DON'T SELL ON THEIR SITE.

Witty Novelty

I applied to Wanelo through Shopify but there was a problem with my account because I don't have a US ID yet. (I have everything else; company info, tax id etc.) Wanelo support basically told me that I can't have a Wanelo seller account until I get my ID.

However a few minutes ago, an order was placed from Wanelo and although I changed the price of the product in Shopify; Wanelo did not update it and sold my product with discounted price. And most frustrating part is I can't even log in and see my Wanelo account details&pages.

Just stay away from Wanelo...


Well I have not received many purchases from this app. The purchases I did receive does not list the client's correct phone number nor an email where we can confirm the customer's order. We design custom shoes, personalized cups and etc therefore we need to communicate with our customers by sending pictures. This app does not allow Eshays to properly communicate with our customer base.

Coco Cherice

Terrible app....I'm going to uninstall it. Last year I would get so many purchases from my website and I would get my payments within a few days. Now I get maybe one purchase every 3 months and then I need to wait an additional month for that one payment to come to me. Why give 15% for that?..no thanks. BYE BYE! https://cococherice.com/

Panties Express

Honest review.
Tried contacting Wanelo before posting this review and received nothing!

BEWARE ! This has to be the worst market place online today! They use pseudonyms ( Diane and Gerald ) to email you. If you use China as a supplier, they will say they can’t track, and will refund the buyer, even when you have sent the product.

Terrible Customer Service!

They do not reply to anything! They work clearly for the buyer, not you, the seller.

Sorry to say, 15 years online and have never dealt with a worse company.
If I could leave a zero star I would!

T A Y Online Store

I wish I can give Wanelo ZERO stars, they deserve it, they always charge more fees than declared on their agreement and I'll be going to judge them for charging me without my permission. They charged about 30% in fees , late payments, poor support not recommended at all

Ohsnap Inc

Cant advertise here and pay is taking so long . Not organized with payments . No pay out tracking, takes 2 hr to have all your edited products to update esp price change. JUST SMH


I get a good amount of sales from this platform but the frustration is not worth it. The support team is mediocre at best & unhelpful. They refunded a few orders that has been delivered 3+ weeks ago and do not request the buyer to send the item back...Basically giving my handmade items away for free. They totally disregard your store polices and do not do their job. When I asked for help to have the item sent back or to return the payment Gerald tells me he can't do anything! Half the time I get emailed for orders about tracking info and when I go to check the items are already delivered!!!BECAUSE NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO DO THEIR JOB. A few times someone called me about a order and didn't even speak good english so I couldn't understand what they were saying. They now have a system where you only get paid twice a month for orders that were delivered. This disables me since my items are made to order and if I do not have the payment for certain garments I can't buy materials to ship them. I am going to complete all my out standing orders and leaving this joke of a platform for good. Install and sell at your own risk, but be prepared to lose money.

Weekdaygirl Nails Beauty

When I started using Wanelo in October 2015 it was great. Many sales came Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb. then sales stopped completely. Zero sales. My followers is not showing up. I tested it followed somebody and then refreshed the page and it says follow again the same person. I have 7000 people I am following odds are I would have more than 44 people following me. It has been stuck on that number all summer and now fall. It still stuck on that number. My notifications say people are following me but the numbers don't change. Either Wanelo is stealing followers for there own sales or something strange is happening now. Something changed about Wanelo because nobody I know in my FB group is getting a sale from wanelo anymore. And we use to have lots of sales that why I made a whole FB group around using Wanelo on Shopify. It worked. It don't work now so that is why you get a one. I have emailed and called about this same problem all summer. And all I get is well we have a lot of people now well Amazon has a lot of people the sales just don't stop happening. Not worth it now to load on your shopify channel at all. I give it a 1 star. Last year it would of got 5 stars. I don't know how they not seeing there revenue lost has to be big right now. We made them a lot of money. I was selling like 6 to 10 things a day in Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb