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I really wanted to love this app! So many notices saying my products have not shipped! When in fact the customers already recieved the product! Awesome! I have earned NOTHING! I will be removing this app! Hopefully they get it right soon! I'm in the business to make money, not lose it!

Bvstore 29945

It is really dysfunctional in terms of syncing. I've unfortunately had to refund multiple customer orders because the app didn't do it's job of syncing (has not synced for days) and customers were ordering sizes that were sold out (but showing as available on their site) because of this reason. It's not acceptable for a sales app to do this and can potentially hurt business with having to refund so many orders due to their mistake.

I've contacted customer service and they reached back out to me 2 weeks later and claimed they fixed the issue, but I'm experiencing it again now. They really need to implement a "force sync" feature because "automatically" does not work.

Additionally the commission increase from 10% to 15% is ridiculous and not worth it - expect low profit margins.

My Gift Obsession

Been using this app for a few months. Not very good. Very few sales. Very little traffic for the time I've spent working on it. Wouldn't recommended.


I have been using wanelo for 6 years. They got too big for their own good. Years ago it was amazing. Now it's horrible.if you're not a big store forget it.waste of time and money.they should be ashamed. It was an amazing app and made small owners actually successful now they are manipulating their own users to buy from large companies. If you are a buyer your being led in to large stores like mindless moron.before real people decided what was awesome.not anymore the stores decide it for you based on who pays wanelo the most


does not work properly and high fees

Emporio Akanni

Do not even bother downloading. total waste of time. So many things is wrong with this channel the app the traffic, how they pay you, everything, just not worth the effort. Deleting Mine soon!

Bvstore 15945

I liked this app alot at first. It brought in alot of sales and was great, however the sales have suddenly completely stopped. All of my products are not showing, and they have now raised their commission to 15% from 10%, and there is a two week wait for sellers to get paid. They have made all of these changes to their system, but couldn't even add seller protection or a messaging system to make it so that customers can contact sellers or vice versa. I will be deleting this app.

Fierce Berry

It worked well 6 months ago, then they starting giving me issues because I dared to invite more than 80 of their customers to view my stores giveaways a day. Then sales from this APP have become nonexistent and finally commission has been raised to 15%! It seems they only want to promote big name stores and leave smaller stores completely out of their algorithm. Uninstalling soon!

Lulzy Shirts

Cant even sign up because the logo wont finish "processing" when creating account. After further evaluation from others it appears they have many other issues as well. Guess I wont be using this one any time soon.


The app doesn't work for at least 6 months. We have sent several emails to Wanelo support team but no answer or very poor ones that don't get any follow up.