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I see reviews about great customer service but they will not respond to an email. I see way more reviews saying that. I receive the auto response that they received my message and they will get back to me in 48 hours.


so horrible, they don't even respond to any of your emails if you ever need to get in contact with them. I can't add this app to my store anymore, it was on there before and now it does not work. My page was deleted, for some reason I tried re adding it, still wouldn't work. Wanelo has always been horrible with replying to emails though. This app used to be so much better when it first started off. It would have been a huge help to small business. So much has changed!! Such a shame what this app has come to.

Amazed By Grace Specialties

We've tried adding Wanelo to our Sales Channels several times over the last year, and always get the same message: "Not accepting any new stores until our feeds system is complete". Ridiculous! How long does it take to upgrade a 'feeds system'?...and why would SHOPIFY even LIST THEM if they're not taking on new clients? This whole thing just smells bad...
We gave it ONE STAR because the review software will not let us give it a zero.

Whispering Willow

We used to fill orders periodically on Wanelo but it dropped off significantly. We received an order out of the blue and filled it but were not paid. When we tried to check the channel on Shopify for status, it now says we are no longer eligible to sell via Wanelo. We emailed support and have not heard back. Highly disappointed.

Goddess Stone

Installed filled out all the paper work send in my store license detail got it up and running then it told me not eligible to sell on wanelo to contact support. Course this must be a mistake as i have a real business license etc. Clicked on the Contact Wanelo link it took me to a dead page said ext was rejected? So i uninstalled wasted hours on this piece of garbage. Will never shop or even look at wanelo again bye.

Glam Geek

Kinda glad I never got a sale through this app seeing all the bad reviews. I have had it installed probably for 1 year or more and have never gotten a sale/inquiry or otherwise from here. Handmade jewelry and accessories are probably not a match for this app.


They don't update products from my website to wanelo account! Absolutely not working app. And 0 sales

Nifty Thrifty Co

Sold items two months ago was never paid. No response. No Nothing. Followed instructions for shipment still nothing. Absolutely no customer support. This company is terrible. I urge other sellers in the same boat to contact the CALIFORNIA ATTORNEY GENERAL as this is fraud. They are stealing from people.


Awful. Awful. Awful. ABSOLUTELY NO Support. Terrible application process. It's been over a year now since adding the Wanelo app. Even though I've submited my EIN and bank account info over a 30 times I'd be willing to bet, I either got ZERO feedback regarding my submissions or my status continued to show that my store was ineligible. I've contacted support several times and even used one of my complimentary Shopify support hours hoping they might have a quick fix. I get the impression Shopify is well aware of their poor performance and stays out of it. This app should be gone with "FinditQuick". Absolutely NO SALES! - That goes without saying. But here's the best part... if I login to Wanelo, not going through the Shopify sales channel, my store actually has a profile with 33 published products (out of probably about 500 with thousands of variants). So not only were some of my products accepted probably well over a year ago, but I was continuously told my store had NOT been accepted or that I constantly had to resubmit my personal and very sensitive information. It's infuriating that Wanelo is allowed as a sales channel with so few to access in the first place.

Spy Web

Awful app, I cannot find words for their lack of the support and how the app is buggy!!!

Stay away from this app.

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