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"Your store is not eligible for selling on Wanelo" and you can't contact anyone to solve this issue or to know why you are not eligible!

Developer reply

June 27, 2022

Hello capsulewardrobeshop! Thank you for your review and our apologies for the late response. We just finished reviewing your application. Kindly reinstall the Wanelo sales channel so we can approve it to sell on the platform. Please keep us posted by sending an email to, shopify-support@wanelo.com. Have a great day!


I would like to know how to make my store "eligible". I cannot go to the page where it says "contact wanelo" because it doesn't pop up. It goes to "blocked content".

Developer reply

April 28, 2022

Hello shop3cl3ctix!

Your store is missing a verified payment account, which is required before your store can sell directly on Wanelo.

You will need to complete both your Store and Stripe settings from the Wanelo sales channel. Once you finish adding this information, your store should be approved to sell within 48 hours.

Please let us know if you need further assistance by sending an email to, shopify-support@wanelo.com. Thank you!

Bakari Millennial

Hello, please help me understand why my store is not eligible to sell on Wanelo so I can give a 5 star rating! I have abided by everything shopify has told me to do regarding the setup and integration. Am I missing something? Thank you

Developer reply

February 14, 2022

Hello Bakari Millennial! We have approved your store to sell directly on Wanelo. Product sync will be completed within 24 to 48 hours. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need assistance. Have a great day!

WoW! Gotta Have It!

I tried for 2 weeks to set up the wanelo shopify app and set up my store. emailed wanelo 4 times. recieved absolutely no help. still not able to promote my products. if i ran my business like this, i would be out of business. there is s good reason this company has 84 1 star ratings. there is nothing lower rating. shopify should remove them from their apps

Developer reply

December 27, 2021

Hello WoW! Gotta Have It!! We have reached out to you directly via email so we can help resolve your issue with your products not visible on your profile. We're hoping that you can get back to us asap. Happy Holidays!

Andrea Bonelli

Terrible app. For some reason my OLD outdated listings are still connected and there is no way through the app nor the wanelo website to disconnect, delete, or close the account so that my products won't show. I now have to manually hide 192 products one by one since they're not available for sale and no longer available. Good luck trying to get help.

Developer reply

November 1, 2021

We definitely can understand the frustration of removing products manually one by one. The way to have avoid this is to uninstall and reinstall the Wanelo sales channel from your Shopify account. We provided this guidance immediately upon receiving your inquiry, and it's unfortunate you were not able to read it in time. We have some new, exciting features releasing in the coming weeks, and should you be willing to give us another try, we'd be happy to work with you again.


They don't pay their merchant. I am a small business that used Wanelo as a sales channel and I am still fighting with them for payment on invoices from 2 years ago. They are not trust worthy and will steal your money. Most of the positive reviews you see here have been paid for. Sell with them at your own risk.

Developer reply

May 8, 2020

Thank you for your feedback. We would love to help. We already sent you an email as we need more information from your end to process your payout. If you can respond to us, we would appreciate it. Have a great day!

Yemaya Luna

They don't pay their merchant. I am a small business that used Wanelo as a sales channel and I am still fighting with them for payment on invoices from 2 years ago. They are not trust worthy and will steal your money. Most of the positive reviews you see here have been paid for. Sell with them at your own risk.


Wanelo is not paying any more. Do not list products to the site. We have not been paid in almost 3 months! Think about this. Why are there over 80 1 Star Reviews. Why is Shopify supporting this App. Wanelo is a scam!


I have been using this app for a while and I never checked the payments.....today they said that I have not shipped orders from 5 month ago saying that the tracking is invalid...no way to track down the tracking since it is too old and now I lost over $100. Now they are saying if I do not ship the order, my account will be under review....LOL they basically stole my money.


An honest review after 4 years being with there network.

#1. You ship customers orders without payment.
#2. It takes 15 to 25 days later to get paid from your stock.
#3. You are not allowed to have your customers emails.
#4. They take 20% or so from all orders.
#5. They do not respect your store policy.
#6. They think there in control of your business.
#7. They have a lot less shoppers then they used to.
#8. The reps threaten you all the time.
#9. The reps treat you like your a kid and not a business.
#10. They think there better then you.
#11. They will refund a customer without them returning an item.
#12. Many odd shops on there network that seem fake or like copies of other shops.
#13. There reps are on power trips and have no business experience it seems. They are not qualified to make business choices.

We could go on but after all these years we just got fed up. They don't bend at all to there shops who give them money and only want you to bend. There policy's are unreasonable and they are often disrespectful in the way they talk to you by form of email.

They think your just lucky to be on there network. You need them right??

WRONG, they are not building you any traffic or really helping your business this whole system only really works for them its not an equal partnership and again they treat you like your less then them in all ways. Read the reviews, many feel this way we just made the mistake of staying with them to long and the last few months we really just decided we no longer care to work with them as it's not doing anything for us. They sent us an email being rude and demanding and we were just like whatever guys enough is enough. They wanted us to kiss butt and act as if they owned our business guess what wanleo you don't!

Wanelo needs new management and a whole makeover and learn to be grateful for shops who allowed them to share there profits with them. You don't see major players like fashionnova sharing money with wanelo ever wonder why??

Not worth your time unless your just getting starred and wanted some extra sales for a while but you will soon see once you grow it becomes a waste of your time and business money. Pass them by.

It's not you, it's them lol! We gave them to much time and to much money. All we can do know is laugh about it and let you know not to do what we did.

Wanelo ask yourself if your so great and doing it the right way then why are so many shops leaving or left you and giving you bad reviews? YOUR BUSINESS MODEL IS BROKEN. You need to fix your network.


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