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Artisan Carat

We have done all the steps, with an error " Your store is not eligible for selling on Wanelo" ? Please advise

Developer reply

November 5, 2021

Hello Artisan Carat! We just finished reviewing your store and have approved it to sell directly on Wanelo. Please check. If you have further questions, you can always send us an email at, shopify-support@wanelo.com. Thank you!

Davson Sales

We were reviewing your app for a new store. Why in the world would you need access to ALL our order for the last 60 days prior to installing the app, or any orders that were not via Wanelo, other than to market to our customers?
"This includes all order details for the last 60 days, order fulfillments, and shipping information.
Wanelo will be able to access data such as customer names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, geolocations, IP addresses, and browser user agents"

Wanderlust Hearts

one sale from this app. Lots of issues though. My followers show as 1 on pc but on the app it shows a much higher number. Payout section always shows $0.00 even though there was a sale for that period of time. Probably wont be keeping this one. Too many glitches and false advertising on most sellers here. I’d rather not be associated with other people who have poor business ethics.


85% of our Sales are coming from Wanelo and with that we are very thankful! However, we still do have some complains and wish that this could be resolve or updated soon. 1. Not being able to email your customer directly if there are problems with your order, right now, you have to email their support team so they can contact the customer and vice versa. This makes the process takes longer and orders ended up getting cancelled. 2. They don't pay as often as they used to. You already ship the goods and it takes weeks for you to get paid. 3. It is getting harder to do promotions outside of Wanelo. 4. A lot of sellers selling cheap items are dominating the market so it is becoming a battle of who can offer really cheap items. We are still hoping things will change for the better. https://fabgetupshop.myshopify.com/

Hard Sync Apparel

Hi guys...just wondering if you'll make it possible to sell from Europe? For us that dont have US social security numbers?

Vanity Fragrance

Just bare with me I gotta write this real quick: I would like to advise anyone who hasn't and plans to install or has already installed the wanelo app to consider Wanelo revenues as extra income. Otherwise you better be selling something fairly unique or less competitive.
If you try to raise your markup so as to make more money from wanelo your prices are going to be too high to be competitive. If you stay within the market range wanelo will take the biggest chunk from whatever profits they bring you. However, you will have some money left. (Assumptions based on a 25% Markup) So with low profits your options are:
a) Give the best customer service when you get a chance of a sale hopefully the customer will shop directly from your site next time.
b) increase your sales from wanelo such that the low profits turn into large cumulative profits.
c) Increase your inventory on wanelo. More inventory increases the chances that your products are going to be seen by a customer. If you doubt me try searching for an item you carry when the results pop up try looking particularly for your own product. Then whatever you find out imagine if it was a customer how likely would they be to go that far just to buy your product? Another good indicator of your product visibility is how many people are saving your products.
d) To make more money per product with wanelo you will have to find away to cut down your costs of your products so as to increase your profit after paying for fees and commission.

this is getting too long so let me summit it up whatever issues you will experience with wanelo are not out of ordinary. System integration is not 100% and should be excused, only if you knew what goes on behind scene you would understand whee i am coming from. Continuous issues with a platform now that is something to talk about. If you quit wanelo you lose. Quit only if it costs you more to process an order than you get in return after fees and commission. In fact even if you don't make any profits and neither are you making losses (break even) i recommend you stay. The marketing and exposure far out ways what you stand to lose. Use wanelo for exposure and branding. Convert your wanelo customers into your customers with whatever it takes. I plan to let wanelo do their part and while anxiously waiting to do mine.


The support is great -- fast responses. One big drawback is that the shipping setting is very limited. You can only set one flat rate, or set it to percentage of the product price (which doesn't really work for us). So if you sell various items with different weights, it's pretty tricky to set the rule that will work for all items. We have emailed them and they are pretty open to suggestions, though. Hoping there will be more options soon.


The exposure you get on Wanelo is unparalleled - it is worth every penny they charge. They sync your entire shop and get your manual labor out of the equation.

The reason I give them only 3 starts is their HORRENDOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE! It is so awful that they make US Postal Service Support and IRS look like the most caring organizations! They want you to email but rarely respond.
Their phone # immediately goes into voicemail and noone would ever call you!
If you have a problem, you will NEVER GET HELP from Wanelo!



Got contacted by Kristen @Wanelo last week. Submitted all printouts from Shopify that proves that it was Wanelo order. I wish I can get a response.
Even if they have no plans to pay me, but so I would know.

Like I said - if you are willing to cut your losses on their so called "unregistered" sales, stuff DOES sell. Their CEO/Owner must be absolutely clueless..............

For Rent Shoes

Good amount of traffic comes from Wanelo and really easy to get products to it and feed them. - merchant support was horrific for a while (100% unresponsive for a few months) but has definitely improved dramatically over the last few months. Just be 100% sure to have tracking numbers in shopify for every order from Wanelo or you won't get paid. Highly suggest Wanelo implement a daily alert for any orders which are marked 'Fulfilled' but don't have a tracking number.

Would also encourage eventually this becoming a Shopify Channel and not an app to make managing it a bit easier

Skin Care By Suzie

Update: Wanelo contacted me promptly and worked with me to with the problem. I always appreciate good customer support.
Had trouble installing and when I sent an email from shopify app for help it bounce back as No such address