Warehouse Helper

Warehouse Helper


Optimize your warehouse order sheets

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Consolidate orders

Consolidate multiple orders into a single fulfillment report for warehouse staff

Reduce packing errors

Optimize fulfillment flow and reduce warehouse packing errors

Save time!

Spend less time physically fulfilling orders and more time on what matters - growing your business!

Warehouse Helper 정보

Have you ever had more than 2 unfulfilled orders at a time? Are you fulfilling each of your orders one at a time? Running back and forth between your inventory and your packaging area? Have you made simple packing errors by miscounting items?

Warehouse Helper to the rescue!

With Warehouse Helper, you can consolidate multiple orders into a SINGLE itemized report for your warehouse fulfillment staff. The same SKUs showing up across different orders will be gathered and tallied.

The report will thus show the total units to be fulfilled for each SKU. Now fulfillment is as easy as one trip to the warehouse, grabbing all you need for each SKU, and then putting the individual orders together! No more running back and forth from inventory room to order packing room to piece together each order, one-by-one.

Creating a report is easy:

  1. Select the Warehouse Helper option in the dropdown menu on your store's Orders page
  2. Select which orders you would like to consolidate. It can be just a few, or all the unfulfilled orders!
  3. Click "create report." Now you'll have an itemized list for your fulfillment staff!

This incredibly user-friendly app will not only simplify your warehouse workflow, it'll also save you time and money. Spend less time fulfilling orders one by one, and more time on what matters - growing your business!

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