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7 augusti 2019

half the time this app doesn't work. it once took 4 hours for my customers to receive a email and by that time the product had sold out

9 månader användning av appen
22 september 2020

Customer service is superb. They are so very helpful and quick to respond. However, BEWARE. Just as with many of the other third party apps that offer FREE services, once you begin using their apps, get ready to get hit with monthly RECURRING fees. Let me share an example, I just clarified with the developer that if I sign up for the monthly back in stock alerts to have the ample amount of monthly alerts needed, would I continue to be charged on a monthly basis if I no longer needed the alerts. Meaning, I have no out of stock items in my shop and therefore would not need the back in stock alerts. They responded saying that I would be billed monthly regardless until I opted to switch back to the free plan. This is how they get you. I am currently looking for another option but it appears all third party apps behave this way and is extremely unappealing to me.

Del Bello's Designs
4 månader användning av appen
Swym Corporation svarade 25 september 2020

Thank you for taking the time to leave us your review, and I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. The service that we provide is a subscription service very similar to all other subscription services where in you are charged for the usage of the application regardless of how much you have used the application. You are also charged for the service till the time you choose to downgrade your plan or you choose to uninstall our application. Our terms of service is very clear and we do not lock you into our service for any period of time. You have the option of uninstalling the product at any time so you don't get charged when you uninstall or downgrade to the free tier. 

2 maj 2020

Envoi des e-mails extrêmement long et parfois on ne sait même pas si cela a été envoyé...
De plus, c'est dommage de devoir payé pour avoir l'application dans sa langue maternelle.
On est également sans cesse alerter par e-mail pour passer au forfait au dessus.
Point positif : Service client rapide et clair.

CASSY | Vêtements et accessoires pour femmes
3 månader användning av appen
Swym Corporation svarade 2 maj 2020

Merci pour votre avis. Nous avons vérifié notre système et il semble que vous bénéficiez de notre forfait GRATUIT. Le plan GRATUIT vous donne la possibilité de déclencher les e-mails d'alerte à partir de notre tableau de bord à la demande, et nos rapports sont mis à jour avec l'état des e-mails après leur envoi.
Le plan GRATUIT comprend également un quota d'utilisation limité. Lorsque les commerçants approchent de leur quota, nous envoyons des e-mails d'alerte vous informant que vous vous rapprochez de votre quota pour vous assurer que l'application ne soit pas désactivée - afin que vos clients ne soient pas touchés.
Quant à la prise en charge de l'application en français, cela implique un travail manuel supplémentaire de notre côté et c'est pourquoi il n'est disponible que sur nos plans payants.
Merci d'avoir essayé l'application, et je suis désolée qu'elle n'ait pas fonctionné pour vous. Prenez soin de vous et restez en sécurité.

7 januari 2021

I'm puzzled over the many great reviews this app has received. This app was a headache from start to finish. The setup wasn't too smooth either, it didn't update changes I made and really wasn't intuitive. Ridiculously expensive for any valuable features, I couldn't even disable the email send outs on the 15 USD Starter plan. Support was slow, left me hanging for more than a week after which I noticed that they never helped with my issue.
It probably does what it promises on the Pro plan, but if I knew that the real cost would be 50USD a month I would have never touched it.

Vallerret Photography Gloves
Ungefär en månad användning av appen
Redigerat 25 februari 2019

Does not work with all shopify themes. If you are using Brooklyn do not bother with this app. thanks

Laura Byrnes Design
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