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Developed by WUSO

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  • Protect Your Store from Image and Content Theft
  • Hide Your Best Selling Products from Competitors
  • Conceal Your Store's Private Information

It’s a painful experience to discover your store’s content and images have been stolen. And there’s not much you can do once the theft occurs. Fortunately, Watchman stops these threats from ever taking place.

Watchman works as a layer of protection to ensure your store remains safe from competitors and copycats. We protect everything: from your store’s content, images and script, to concealing your source code and best-selling products.


    Hide "Best Sellers Page" From Competitors

    • Prevent people from accessing your best selling products page.

    • FYI: Anyone can spy on your store by visting your best sellers page at: store.com/collections/all?sort_by=best-selling

    Hide Info about Loaded Scripts

    • Prevent people from seeing which scripts are running on your store.

    Hide Your Theme Name

    • Prevent people from finding your store's theme name.

    Shortcut Protection

    • Prevent people from copying content with the help of keyboard shortcuts such as:

      • Ctrl + C / ⌘ + C (Copy)

      • Ctrl + V / ⌘ + V (Paste)

      • Ctrl + P / ⌘ + P (Print)

      • Ctrl + U / ⌘ + U (View Source Code)

      • Ctrl + S / ⌘ + S (Save)

      • Ctrl + A / ⌘ + A (Select All)

    Right Click Protection

    • Prevent your images, text, input fields, and links from being copied.

    Drag & Drop Protection

    • Prevent images and text from being saved through drag & drop methods.

    • This also protects your products from being reverse image searched.

    Text Selection Highlighting

    • Prevent text selection highlighting for your texts and input fields.

About WUSO

Based in Austin, TX, our team is dedicated to building innovative custom solutions for Shopify stores.

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I was previously going to use the other content protection app but this one had a little more features so I just added this app to my store! Can't wait to see if it meets its potential. Its always great to have an extra layer of security especially for all the hard work you do to make your store unique and different.

$4.95 / month

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