Wave Vouchers (w/ QR Code)

Wave Vouchers (w/ QR Code)

de Wave Commerce

Boost sales w/ local deals, vouchers, passes, tickets and more

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Sell passes, vouchers and more

Turn your Shopify products into sellable vouchers, tickets, passes, offers and more with QR code scanning.

Send QR code for pickup orders

Make order pickups contactless and fast with QR codes.

Contactless store experience

Create a safe experience for shoppers. Minimize back and forth with customers, scan to get order info to quickly fulfill vouchers & orders.

Acerca de Wave Vouchers (w/ QR Code)

The ultimate app to sell vouchers for retailers, restaurants, bakeries, spas, experience providers, and hotels to boost sales for offline products and services.

What does Wave Vouchers do?

  • Enable digital passes, vouchers and more with scannable QR codes to be sold on your Shopify store
  • Send out QR codes for Shopify local pickup orders
  • Offline staff can scan and redeem QR codes through Shopify mobile, POS, or scan accounts outside Shopify

Who is Wave Vouchers for?

  • Retailers looking to run online to offline (O2O) campaigns by offering free trials redeemable with digital vouchers
  • Spas and experience providers to sell prepaid vouchers
  • Hotels to sell prepaid packages using digital vouchers
  • Restaurants to sell takeaway menus for store or curbside pickup
  • Bakeries and cake shops to sell preorder baked goods for store pickup
  • Grocers to provide safe curbside pickup through QR code scanning
  • Local deals resellers to sell vouchers for partner vendors

How can Wave Vouchers help me?

  • Enable a reliable way to sell prepaid vouchers - QR code vouchers cannot be used again after being scanned and redeemed
  • For Shopify local pickup orders, no more relying on order ID and emails to confirm orders. Shoppers just need to show their QR code for easy identification
  • Store staffs just need to scan QR code to confirm the voucher or order. No more searching through countless orders
  • Start selling vouchers with minimal setup - all vouchers are created from your Shopify products

What features does Wave Vouchers offer?

  • Sell branded vouchers with your brand logo and product images
  • Easily create vouchers using your existing Shopify products
  • Send unique QR code vouchers to shoppers upon order fulfilment
  • Set expiry date on vouchers
  • Send unique QR code for Shopify local pickup orders once order is ready for pickup
  • Scan and redeem QR codes at offline locations through the Wave Vouchers Shopify app
  • Alternatively, scan and redeem QR codes through a redemption portal outside of Shopify
  • Review what vouchers were sold, and how many QR codes were redeemed through our dashboard
  • Add redemption information to help shoppers - specify your contact email, phone, Facebook messenger, and store location
  • Shopper’s QR codes are mobile-friendly to facilitate easy redemption

What do I need to set up Wave Vouchers?

Install our app, and our onboarding flow will help get you started on setting up digital vouchers, sending QR codes for local pickup orders, and simple modifications to your email notifications.

For QR code scanning, you can use our app through the Shopify mobile app or Shopify POS; or you can reach out to our team to set up external scan accounts!

Se integra con

  • Scan QR code on POS

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Precio 30 días de prueba gratis



$0.15 per QR code after first 100 QR codes issued

  • Sell digital vouchers, passes, tickets, coupons, etc

  • Issue QR codes for local pickup orders

  • Scan w/ Shopify POS or mobile app



Starts at $299 USD per month. $0.10 per QR code after first 1000 QR codes

  • Ideal for voucher resellers or merchants with many redemption locations

  • Standard features

  • Scan using external scan accounts

* Todos los cargos se facturan en USD. Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

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