Sync to Wave

Sync to Wave

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Sync orders and payouts into Wave Accounting

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Sync orders and payouts

Automatic real time order sync from Shopify into Wave Accounting.

Save time and money

Get your Shopify store and Wave Accounting connected and save hours of manual data entry.

Easy integration

Select appropriate accounts and start syncing your orders with just a few clicks. Multiple stores supported.

关于 Sync to Wave

Wave Accounting is highly awarded free accounting package with focus on small business owners and is incredibly easy to use. Wave Sync is the first automatic real time order syncing app for Shopify saving you valuable hours of manual data entry as your sales volume increases.

Sync orders

With Wave Sync integration, you can seamlessly synchronise orders from your Shopify store into Wave Accounting as accounting transactions. All line items, shipping charges, as well as taxes are automatically added to Wave transactions.

  • Supports taxable/non-taxable line items
  • Ability to create new Sales Tax in Wave if the tax applied to Shopify order does not exist
  • Ability to set up different account for shipping income
  • Supports gift card purchases by recording these as liability
  • Supports gift card payments

Sync Shopify payouts

If you are using Shopify Payments, then you can opt in to synchronise Shopify payouts. This will create new transactions for the payout deposit, as well as for merchant fees.

Multi store support

Wave Sync supports multiple Shopify stores out of the box - just install it in all your stores and they will all sync to the same Wave account.


  • Wave Accounting



  • 隐私政策

定价 7 天免费试用



$0.20 for each additional order over 50 orders, max $100

  • Sync Shopify orders and payouts
  • 50 transactions per month included



$0.20 for each additional order over 800 orders, max $80

  • Sync Shopify orders and payouts
  • 800 transactions per month included



  • Sync Shopify orders and payouts
  • Unlimited transactions
  • No additional fees
  • Priority support

* 所有费用均以USD结算。
** 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

4.0 评分


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The Fighting Irish Martins

Exactly what I needed. Was paying so much money for Quickbooks subscription and Bookkeep (like $70 CAD/mo), now I use Wave for free (I like the app better too). And this app works perfectly to sync my invoices to Wave. Set it up yesterday and was working great today. Just be sure to match up your accounts in the setup process and everything works flawlessly. Also note it does not transfer historical data. I exported my orders/reports by month from Shopify and entered that data manually by month in Wave for this fiscal year so far (Jan-Oct). It's not the most exact but fine enough records for my needs as a sole proprietorship. Highly recommended app for small biz owners who either want or need to, for financial reasons, handle their own bookkeeping. :) Thanks for this great app!

Cheerfetti Gift Co.

This app was easy to install and worked great! Support team was helpful as well when I had a question about how fees were accounted for.

Souten Clothing Co

doesn't work as intended - won't import transactions that have already occured, may only do future ones.
Also, imports them as actual transactions, rather than an option to import them as sales with pending payment (to be paid when payout is processed).



Thank you for taking the time to write this review.
To be honest - from one ethical small business owner to another - it's very hurtful to receive these one star reviews claiming "it does not work", when in fact it works great, just does not offer "exactly" what you were looking for.

I can see that you wrote this review within 8 minutes of installing the app and without reaching out to us at all. We are always happy to assist with any questions, enquiries and setup instructions. Also, we constantly accept feature requests and deliver these features in a timely manner.

Historical sync is currently not supported, but we are working on this feature.
Meanwhile, we have systems to achieve this and we have helped customers to achieve this in the past.
In regards to the feedback on "imports them as actual transactions" - this is actually the behaviour that most of our customers want and as advised by the accountants.

I'm sorry that the app could not meet your expectations. Please feel free to reach out to our support any time and we'd love to help you.

All the best!