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1 december 2023

It writes the alt descriptions of the pictures several times. This means spam for google image results. It also changed the name of a product with a different product name and worked incorrectly.

Bijoux De Lune
13 dagar användning av appen
25 september 2020

not good. generate a lots of same images. and generate not clear images. I have to recover them manually now.

Ungefär en månad användning av appen
Pushdaddy svarade 25 september 2020

how it is possible ?? all images have unique id and we push images based on ids so next to impossible. can u plz show us where we generated duplicate images. we will be thankful

Redigerat 24 september 2020

low quality app - badly designed, and ineffective. poor customer service. charged me for a pro plan ($4.50 a month) even tho the app said i was on a free plan - customer service rude and tried blaming me even tho they admitted their app has coding issues. AVOID! RE the developers response - this isnt a fake review, i have the screenshots as per our chat. yes it is standard practice to review poor apps with 1 star because thats all its worth -if i am, a fake review, why are there others reporting similar issues. as i said poor and argumentative customer service Further update as developer keeps updating their response - you now say its a 2 stage process, in the chat you claimed a 3 stage process. regardless, as you well know, your app displayed a cost of $0.00 - when you were sent the screenshot you even replied ‘it free why you worry’. then you realised it had charged whilst saying 0.00 and decided to tell me it was a coding issue and because you have 10 apps you cant keep them all updated. I have spoken to shopify, and despite your assumption that they would laugh, far from it - im raising a case against you as a developer. it is abundantly clear from your responses on here that you are neither professional nor customer focused. Feel free to keep updating your response, i am no longe going to respond to you. Best of luck with your 10 poorly developed and managed apps. last update - you had to check your shopify against the screenshot from your own app - says it all. they dont match - so as mentioned - financially misleading. Enjoy your day, when you are the no1 app in the world for image optimisation, let me know and ill eat my hat
28 dagar användning av appen
Pushdaddy svarade 24 september 2020

how can i charge without there approval ?? fake review. it has become standard practice to ask for refund and give 1 star rating. it is FAKE review. without your permission we cant charge., u accepted it, used the app, optimized all images and now for refund doing this. we dont have any problem in refund but u should dont blame us. u ask shopify or any other all will say it is not possible to get upgraded without you decide. you have to choose plan and then approve. this is 2 step process. and chat with shopify they will also say same. u upgraded. we again say we dont have any problem in refund but be correct. plz chat with shopify and tell that i have been upgraded to paid plan without my permission and they will tell same that it is not possible. we dont have any problem with your 1 star rating. we focus on quality and our image optimizer is best in world. and we are proud of that and in few months we will be no1. you can mark my point.

why we should not argue ??

we should accept your fake claim that you have been charged without your permission ???

its shopify system and after once point it is completely in shopify domain and we dont have any control and there withour your consent nothing is possible. and you are saying that you have been charged without your consent.

we wont accept that as it is NOT POSSIBLE

initially i did not check shopify dashboard for your upgrade so i said. but when i saw shopify dashbaord i was 100% sure that you have upgraded.

plz chat with shopify and get your 4.5$ back and plz consult shopify chat support they will clear your doubt as well.
what you are saying is 100% FALSE

Redigerat 5 september 2020

very bad !! I take the pro plan, I keep the recommended settings and the next morning, I realize that the application to process 3800 photos !!
Except that at least 1 out of 5 photos is defective ... so I send a message to find out if we can restore everything and reimburse me ... without any response !!
In the end, I had to manually restore each photos ....... Thank you
To avoid absolutely ..

Ungefär 20 timmar användning av appen
Pushdaddy svarade 5 september 2020

hi, got your feedback. we have some issue in support due to corona. our support guy cant come office and he is having issue working from home. apart from that 4 works 1 does not work. it seems very unlikely because if one app works for 1 image, it will work for all others as well. apart from u we have several others happy customers. u r first to report this so we contacted shopify. we thought that we might be getting our limit exhausted and some images are not being sent to your store and you are getting blank image but shopify clarified that there is no such things. so we are extremely confused. about your refund, we contact through support channel in app dashboard and ask for refund we happily refund to anyone. we used to provide 24x7 but due to corona, some issues are happening and we apologize for that. your money is always in safe hand. if you will request refund even after 1 year we will refund. so dont worry

5 februari 2020

not free, it's incredibly annoying and frustrating how many apps on Shopify care classified as free when in fact they are not. Why is Shopify not doing nothing about it?

Heavily Discounted
Nya Zeeland
28 minuter användning av appen
Pushdaddy svarade 2 april 2020

we apologize and we have changed our listing to recurring.

15 juni 2020

landing page score went from 20 to 16 after "optimization".
No need to explain why i uninstalled the app....

Förenade Arabemiraten
19 minuter användning av appen
Pushdaddy svarade 15 juni 2020

thx for ur review. this app is not only in shopify but all languages and all platforms and our specialty is image optimization. plz visit and upload any image and see how it optimizes. when u installed the app in big warning we had shown that optimized image will be shown slowly so give app some time and about reducing your page speed, if you dont eat food, your weight decreases or increases ??? app will not replace original image if optimized image size is more so there is no way it can increase the page load time apart from that we have chat option where we provide all sorts of live support instead you decided to rate us. no problem at all. i understand you are in hurry but damaging someone reputation without knowing everything is not right. page speed depends on network also. sometimes you may get good speed sometimes less and latency is one factor. plz search google for latency in page speed. your 4 point reduction is probably because of latency. if you will now test it might be same or 1-2 nearby. hope i clarified. good luck and must try our web version. we process more than billion images per month combined all platforms.