Image Optimizer & Compression

Image Optimizer & Compression


Image Optimizer, Compressor, ALT, Rename file name & SEO

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Image Optimizer & compression

Load time is crucial to retain customers & edge over competitors Automated image optimization. Optimized images means superfast load of page

SEO Image Optimizer ALT tags

ALT tags are crucial for google ranking and with automated ALT tag optimization, you are ready to out smart your competitors and rank high

Set and forget with Automatic

Image Optimizer app is set and forget. Just install, configure & forget image optimization. Everything in background automatically

Su Image Optimizer & Compression

Improve SEO and customer satisfaction with Optimized Images, ALT Tag & SEO Friendly File Name Automatically

  • Website load is very important for the success of any store and as per study, images contribute major part of any store so optimizing images gives you instant edge over your competitor

  • Everything is automatic. Just ensure that you have sufficient quota. Install and forget about image size, ALT tags and rename. App does everything for you.

  • Image Compression well tested by thousands in other platforms and languages.

  • Image Optimizer will optimize the ALT tags and rename your image file name to reflect best name for your images

  • Manual Image Optimization

  • Automatic Image Optimization and renaming as well as ALT tags generation

  • compress individually or bulk image compression .

Select images manually or bulk compress all images;

Apply individual image alt tags for any product variant Restore optimized images to the original If you don’t like results of the image optimization, Image Optimizer can revert back.

Image Compression

Image Compression is must have for any online website as it improves the load time of site. Optimized images are smaller in size compared to unoptimized size. Our Image Optimization is already being used by thousands of sites in other platform and languages.

Google Page speed for desktop and Mobile

The app will monitor your website for Google Page speed. It will show your website speed in Google Page speed matrix for Mobile and Desktop

Alt Text Optimization

The alt text (alt tag), which describes content of an image, has an important role to play in SEO optimization. Google uses it to understand the image. The Image Optimizer app can automatically set the alt text by using simple templates for images and, consequently, improve SEO and Google Image Search rankings.

Backup and Restore

Images are one of the most important assets of any store. The Image Optimizer app acknowledges this fact and, therefore, backups original images

Filename Optimization

Images can be a great source of organic traffic for a store if images are named correctly. The image file name tells Google the content of the photo and what the webpage on which it appears is about. Descriptive, keyword-rich image filenames are crucial for image SEO optimization. The Image Optimizer app can automatically rename image filenames by using simple templates and, as a result, help the website rank higher on search engines.

This app does not conflict with Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, any push notification service, Tidio chat or any live chat app, any email marketing apps, or any other SMS marketing apps.

This app does lot of SEO work, so internally some conflicting result may come in page speed temporarily

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Manual optimization is 100% Free. Just click on optimize and it will optimize. Automation requires upgrades

3.9 stelle su 5

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The Blingspot Studio

Awesome App - great to use - great support with fast response time. Also Pricing is very reasonable in comparison to all other apps on store.


not good. generate a lots of same images. and generate not clear images. I have to recover them manually now.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

25 settembre 2020

how it is possible ?? all images have unique id and we push images based on ids so next to impossible. can u plz show us where we generated duplicate images. we will be thankful

low quality app - badly designed, and ineffective. poor customer service. charged me for a pro plan ($4.50 a month) even tho the app said i was on a free plan - customer service rude and tried blaming me even tho they admitted their app has coding issues. AVOID! RE the developers response - this isnt a fake review, i have the screenshots as per our chat. yes it is standard practice to review poor apps with 1 star because thats all its worth -if i am, a fake review, why are there others reporting similar issues. as i said poor and argumentative customer service Further update as developer keeps updating their response - you now say its a 2 stage process, in the chat you claimed a 3 stage process. regardless, as you well know, your app displayed a cost of $0.00 - when you were sent the screenshot you even replied ‘it free why you worry’. then you realised it had charged whilst saying 0.00 and decided to tell me it was a coding issue and because you have 10 apps you cant keep them all updated. I have spoken to shopify, and despite your assumption that they would laugh, far from it - im raising a case against you as a developer. it is abundantly clear from your responses on here that you are neither professional nor customer focused. Feel free to keep updating your response, i am no longe going to respond to you. Best of luck with your 10 poorly developed and managed apps. last update - you had to check your shopify against the screenshot from your own app - says it all. they dont match - so as mentioned - financially misleading. Enjoy your day, when you are the no1 app in the world for image optimisation, let me know and ill eat my hat

Risposta dello sviluppatore

24 settembre 2020

how can i charge without there approval ?? fake review. it has become standard practice to ask for refund and give 1 star rating. it is FAKE review. without your permission we cant charge., u accepted it, used the app, optimized all images and now for refund doing this. we dont have any problem in refund but u should dont blame us. u ask shopify or any other all will say it is not possible to get upgraded without you decide. you have to choose plan and then approve. this is 2 step process. and chat with shopify they will also say same. u upgraded. we again say we dont have any problem in refund but be correct. plz chat with shopify and tell that i have been upgraded to paid plan without my permission and they will tell same that it is not possible. we dont have any problem with your 1 star rating. we focus on quality and our image optimizer is best in world. and we are proud of that and in few months we will be no1. you can mark my point.

why we should not argue ??

we should accept your fake claim that you have been charged without your permission ???

its shopify system and after once point it is completely in shopify domain and we dont have any control and there withour your consent nothing is possible. and you are saying that you have been charged without your consent.

we wont accept that as it is NOT POSSIBLE

initially i did not check shopify dashboard for your upgrade so i said. but when i saw shopify dashbaord i was 100% sure that you have upgraded.

plz chat with shopify and get your 4.5$ back and plz consult shopify chat support they will clear your doubt as well.
what you are saying is 100% FALSE