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Visually Similar by Wazzat

Visually Similar by Wazzat

Developed by Wazzat Labs, inc.

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  • Enable image-based product discovery channel for your customers
  • Customers can easily find similar products while browsing the catalog
  • Proven increase in cart conversions and higher bucket size of purchases

Visually Similar by Wazzat, is the perfect tool for fashion stores to enable easier and more intuitive visually interactive product discovery and search mechanism for their customers. Typically beneficial for catalog sizes greater than 2000 products, where scrolling through the catalog becomes a tedious process. Tags, attributes, and descriptions for fashion products are not consistent to the text keywords customers type, hence text-based search fails in many cases.

True to the popular saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, the photos are consistent in terms of the product information they convey to the customers not only across the catalog, but beyond. Photos are the perfect exemplars for a customer to convey her taste and preference in fashion. Wazzat's intelligent visual recognition APIs extract semantically meaningful data from product images and enable customers to search and find the right product instantly. We employ state-of-the-art techniques to efficiently and accurately find matching products by searching across large databases of product images.

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Getting a DNS server error when I try to log into the app.


A very useful app for our fashion store. The slick icon on product tiles to showcase products similar in appearance. Definitely helped in higher visibility of the products leading to easier product discovery for end users. The customer service is also decent.


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