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The easiest way to create and sell Print on Demand products.

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Designs by MyUtopia Shout Out

I used to love WC Fulfillment, Awesome phone cases, expidted shipping, then in 2019 November/December I noticed a difference, shipping slowed, taking over a month to arrive. come to find out, they switched to ePacket shipping without notifying their seller base, with no option of paying for upgraded shipping. Now Customer Service will not replace lost packages or issue refunds. Most other china Based POD were working with sellers to get items to the customers quickly, this one hasn't.

Science Addicted

The worst customer support ever.
Quality is good but the support doesn't care about you and your orders. They keep answering with the same phrases over and over. Shipping is super slow.

Surf n' Turf Designs

Extremely disappointed. I spent a lot of money creating designs for their products, but have had several orders that took more than a month. I recently had a several hundred dollar order that was placed in October and did not receive it until this week! More than 2 months! I liked Nates Youtube content but I will never do business with them again.


Very slow shipping
Plus, 30% of my customer didn't received their package.. the support just tell me to "kindly ask my customer to contact their local post office"....
the benefit are too low for the complain... and if I have to refund my unstatisfied customers, I will just loose money in the whole winter season...


Had a few snags but customer service really followed thru to help us out. Great app and features. Awesome mockups and video services. Customizable like no other AOP app out right now. I highly suggest shipping DHL to solve all our problems. USPS too slow for this service.

Retro Reverse

This company sucks, the shipping time is the worst and customer service is not the greatest. The quality of products started off good then just went downhill i am removing all the items from my shop asap! Not reliable at all.


This is a scam application. They received money from the order, but did not ship it, instead they sent me a virtual tracking number. 1 product but not shipped out of china. I tried ordering a product and could not receive it, did not respond, did not support even sent a message. fu ** king app from china!

Lynda Anne

It's missing too many mandatory features. You can't see your WC created products within the app, once created they merge with the entire shopify inventory so you can only access WC created inventory from the shopify product filter. Which means you have to switch in and out of the app to manage inventory. Minor, but very inconvenient. The real deal breaker is the really sub par product design software. Every product has a different size image requirement. The image sizes have to be exact. It's a total time suck to resize every single image to a different size for every single product. Just terrible. And for what? There are ZERO in-app design tools. It loads the image to the product and there isn't even a chance to adjust the placement. Nothing. There are no design features at all. It's about the worst print on demand software I've used out of about the 15 or so that I use. While it does have some cool products - the round beach blankets, wallets, ok more like a few - they low quality design app doesn't make it worth much. One thing shopify is lacking completely is a quality POD. I had high hopes but this isn't it. It's just to basic and generic and wastes too much time for so very very little. Just all around disappointing.

All Sports Locker

Unfortunately I can't use WC Fulfillment any longer. I sold a few hundred phone cases mainly as just cross-sells last couple months for my main products. The experience was okay for a while until Q4 hit, and I noticed there was a serious problem.

Phone cases sitting in production for 10-15 days is completely unacceptable. I understand that it's a "partner factory" in the USA and there's not much anyone behind the screens at WC can do about it. However, and this is the big issue. I started fulfilling my phone cases with a different POD app, which turned out to be sourcing these phone cases from the same exact factory. The orders were being fulfilled in 5-6 days with the other app, I did not have one order go over 7 days. So this leads me to believe that there is an issue in the backend of WC that isn't being addressed where either orders are being lost/missed/etc, I don't know what is, but it's not good.

Also, the shipping prices are nonsense for the phone cases. It doesn't cost $6 to ship 2 phone cases or $9 to ship 3 phone cases inside the USA, when coming from Herkimer NY. There is a price break on multiple units in one shipment with USPS, and WC is just pocketing it. This isn't something I experienced to a high degree, but it's enough to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Support replies immediately and is always very friendly. Unfortunately, there aren't too helpful beyond canceling an order. You just get the scripted lines to stall you until hopefully your issue resolves itself, we know the drill.

Our store has pretty decent volume, but I wasn't a big WC seller. I didn't have a whole lot of trust in the app and I'm glad I never got involved with the products that were coming out of China. All of my orders with WC are going to end up arriving by Christmas, so I'll give 3 stars. The app needs some serious work though or else it's not going to survive. I'm not saying that to trash the app, I say it as constructive criticism.

For the time being, I'm done with WC. Maybe in the future I'll give it another try.

Fathom Urban Tees

love the products they have to customize. i would like to be able to customize the sneakers separate instead of them customizing all at once. i still love the platform.

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