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26 de março de 2024

Had my whatsapp number registered with Hextom, but for some reason the app wasn't capturing any subscribers, I asked several times for support to check, which they said their team would investigate, waited for about a week and still nothing, then asked for them to de-register my number, which is about another 4 days and still nothing (which means I paid for a phone number and now its stuck with hextom).
I was really willing to use the app when I read the other reviews, but with this support I'm giving up

Creators Essential
13 dias usando o app
10 de abril de 2024

Another great app from the Hextom team! Easy to use, great support, and does what it needs to do without over complicating things. Thank you!

NorthWood Distributing
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 1 hora usando o app
27 de fevereiro de 2024

just trying this app, from Hextom , already tried other apps from Hextom , such as :
Hextom: WhatsApp, SMS & Push

Countdown Timer Bar - Hextom

Hextom: Translate and Currency

Hextom: Ultimate Sales Boost

Hextom Shipping Bar & enjoyed using them.

will be back with the acureate feed back on this app.

Aproximadamente 8 horas usando o app
17 de janeiro de 2024

i will try now and ill update

7 dias usando o app
5 de abril de 2024

I recently started using Hextom: WhatsApp, SMS & Push, and I'm thoroughly impressed with its capabilities. The app seamlessly integrates multiple communication platforms, which has significantly streamlined my messaging and notification processes. The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and customize settings to my preferences.

The ability to manage WhatsApp, SMS, and push notifications from a single platform is a game-changer. It has enhanced my productivity by reducing the time spent switching between different apps. The app's reliability and speed are commendable, ensuring that messages are sent and received without delays.

Customer support deserves a special mention. They are responsive, helpful, and genuinely invested in resolving any issues or answering questions, enhancing the overall user experience.

Whether for personal use or business communication, Hextom: WhatsApp, SMS & Push is a robust tool that delivers on its promises. It's a valuable asset for anyone looking to streamline their communication processes. I highly recommend giving it a try!

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3 minutos usando o app
7 de dezembro de 2023


> No option to import/migrate current push subscribers.
> No option to import subscribers from Shopify.
> Font changes don't show up correctly on buttons. Tech support said they would follow up with the development team and get back to me, but that hasn't happened.
> Push won't work on iOS, according to tech support.
> Nuisance banner to leave app review barely 5 minutes into launching the app - banner appears every time you edit the widget.
> Incorrect message is the first thing displayed in the app dashboard saying that the widget is not installed even though it is installed.
> Tech support contacted 2 days ago for importing existing push and SMS subscribers and followed up two more times for outstanding issues - no response.


> It is nice that they have both the push and SMS options (if they worked as advertised) instead of taking the approach of including email marketing.
> Well thought-out options for automation - drip campaigns, abandoned cart follow-up with 3 time intervals to send messages, on-demand campaigns, abandoned browser notification, back-in-stock alerts, price-drop alerts, win back
> middle-of-the-line pricing

Overall, not recommended due to poor implementation and tech support.

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2 dias usando o app
27 de fevereiro de 2024


Happy Cleaner
13 dias usando o app
20 de outubro de 2023

I just downloaded the app but so far so good. It seems like everything I am looking for. I will be back with a final review in a few days once I have actually used the product.

Posh & Personalized 39367
Estados Unidos
23 dias usando o app
16 de fevereiro de 2024

So far they helped a lot with the 1000 free in the start I’m excited to use it.

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1 minuto usando o app
1 de abril de 2024

gave me 1000 free not bad

Sheila Merchandise
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2 minutos usando o app