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Web Viking SEO

Web Viking SEO

Developed by Ernest

12 reviews
Price: Free – $19.99 / month More info
  • Learn and Master SEO
  • Measure your store against your competitors
  • Drive your store up the Google rankings


A WebViking report helps you to understand the performance of your website. It gives you useful advice about how to improve it and it connects you with specific services you might need.

The report analyses your Shopify store in 7 different categories and dozens of subcategories, giving you valuable insights in the performance of your website. Our free report will already give you a pretty good idea of the results you may expect of such a scan, including many free tips and tricks on how to improve your shop. We analyse your incoming visitors, do an overall health scan of your site and list the results for SEO, content, mobile performance, popularity and social media buzz.

Your site will be scanned in depth when you buy our Premium report, scanning for no less than 72 key performance indicators in the above 7 categories. You will gain access to an online marketing dashboard which you can use to perform daily small improvement tasks to your site. Our intuitive user interface will guide you through the process as if you were a pro! The online marketing dashboard also helps you identify the best performing keywords for your website, so you can focus on improving your SEO and use them in online advertising campaigns.

The Premium (or full) report will also scan your website every day so you can track your progress. Also the Premium report allows you to add up to four competitors. We will scan their website as well and you can compare your own shop with theirs on a number of KPIs and make sure you stay ahead of them.


At WebViking, we had seen too many frustrated business owners, decision makers and marketing experts with beautiful (and over-expensive) websites that do not lead to increasing revenues. They had done everything which SEO marketers and webmasters required them to do (or to pay) without receiving the promised results. We read articles proclaiming that “social media doesn’t work” or “SEO is dead” resulting in people throwing in the towel with regards to their digital media efforts. The effects are disastrous. It’s 2016. People are online. More than ever.

We feel that the main reason to give up is caused by shady marketers who keep their secret tactics in the dark and make online marketing more complex as it is. WebViking committed itself to speak to you in human language instead of the nerdy slang of a digital geek or online marketer. You stay the captain of your ship but if you need a pilot, WebViking is there for you.

We are here to encourage you to NOT give up! Just as Ivär pushes hard to conquer new land, we want you to see new opportunities to extend your business.


WebViking is a group of IT and marketing people with deep knowledge in online services since the beginning of the world wide web. We have paid our dues as web designers, online marketers and branding managers. We have seen (and experienced) the hypes, the lies and the successes but also the downfalls. Our main aim is to guide you through the rough sea of the continuously changing online media. Whenever you may have questions, we’re happy to help out.

Web Viking SEO reviews

12 reviews
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What a waste of money. I had this for a couple months now. I have not tried using it until a couple days ago.

Word of advise! If you must get this app. Be sure to start using it right away to make sure it's what you are looking for.

Very complicated. If you don't know HTML code. This is not for you.
This app doesn't have one word of instructions on how to do anything it tell you do. If it does. It will make no sense. It will leave you with the WTH Face. Trust me!

If you don't have hours upon hours to work on seo: This App is not for you.

Customer Service: Not Helpful.

And the moment I started asking questions about how this app works and how to get it going, when I try to login I conveniently started getting an error page....humm. I need a refund.

Keep looking there is better. I found one. Trust me!


Interesting app, but thing else, they offer $20 service, can not find for WHAT? Report Ok, full of confusion what do they mean and how to fix.


Only just started using this and I already love it. It's helped me define my keywords and explains when I need to place them as well as all the different tweaks I need to make to improve the stores search performance. Really nice!

Also support were very responsive, they offered advice on the best ways to drive traffic - great experience all round


It was looking like a nice app however the customer service is another story. Asked for help and was forgotten twice. Beware as customer service in my experience is a one star or less rating.


Really nice interface, clearly lays out where you are doing well and how you can improve on things. We use this as a check list to keep improving our SEO score


Super app - easy to follow 5 star!


Great product that lets you dive into SEO without having a lot of background. Great way to compare competitors as well as optimization of keywords within your site. Definitely recommend!


We have installed and trialled quite a few SEO apps and this one is by far the best. Good keyword research and competitor analysis on the upgrade


Helps with SEO and gives you things to improve on


Probably my favourite app so far. Finally something which makes SEO clearer and I think I'm actually starting to get to grips with it all!

Free – $19.99 / month


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