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18. Januar 2024

Great app, however, everyone can look at basic functionality of the app, my review is about the level of support we got. We were getting an error connected to certain domain level permissions on Shopify that lead to Shop pay not working from translated page and Weglot team helped us solve it within 24 hours.

Vereinigtes Königreich
Etwa 2 jahre mit der App
27. Dezember 2023

I've found Weglot to be an outstanding solution for translating my website. It operates seamlessly and efficiently, making my content accessible in multiple languages with impressive accuracy and speed. What I value the most, however, is their exceptional customer support. The Weglot team is genuinely dedicated to resolving any issues that arise, particularly those related to my store and their app. Their willingness to go the extra mile not only enhances my overall experience but also instills a deep sense of trust and satisfaction in their service. It's clear to me that Weglot prioritizes its customers, striving to provide not just a tool for translation but a comprehensive, supportive service that truly values and responds to user needs.

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11. November 2023

Really a top-notch customer service. I was really dragging on to start resolving the problem I had with email notifications, but when I did it really didn't take more than a few hours to fix. And this was all thanks to a really fast and hands-on approach. Thank you Zoé!

Just writing an update. Since changing our theme, we had some issues with translations but as always Weglot team is the best. We got some support that I'm pretty sure was above their obligations. I 100% would recommend it if you are in search of a good translation app for your store :) The app is really easy to use and for the simplest of issues, they have really clear and easy-to-understand instructions/FAQ page/videos, etc.

Another UPDATE one year later: We needed to go from subdomains to subdirectories and Weglot helped us through the technical stuff perfectly. Thank you, Antoine! The help was more than expected and I am talking about 30 exchanged emails. At the same time, I needed to talk to customer service from our previous translation app GTranslate and those guys were again clueless about the technical things.

Having a successful e-commerce journey means having great partners, and WEGLOT is one of them.  

Etwa 2 jahre mit der App
28. Dezember 2023

I had an excellent experience with Weglot Customer Service Support. They responded quickly and resolved my issues of our website. And also take our suggestion to optimize weglot documentation. Thank you for the great support, Antoine!

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15. Dezember 2023

I had an excellent experience with Weglot Customer Service Support. They responded quickly and resolved any issues I had with the Arabic translation version of my website. Thank you for the outstanding support, Antoine!

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20. Januar 2024

I recently had a fantastic experience with the Weglot support team, particularly with Fanny. She responded quickly to my emails, patiently addressed my issues, and provided helpful solutions. Fanny's suggestions were always instructive and greatly improved my overall experience. Highly recommended!

Liste Luna
3 monate mit der App
17. November 2023

Quick response from Jeremy after I wanted to improve an element on the website with the translations (via CSS). He (and his team) made some changes for me as well, not only advising but also executing!

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16. Januar 2024

Weglot est une super app ! L'intégration a traduit rapidement notre boutique en ligne en plusieurs langues. Le tableau de bord est assez intuitif et le support linguistique complet le rendent convivial. Ce qu'on a beaucoup apprécié, c'est le service client très réactif et compétent. Les mises à jour en temps réel et l'optimisation SEO ajoutent la touche finale parfaite. Seul reproche le tarif est un peu élevé, mais c'est game-changer pour toute boutique Shopify visant un public mondial.

Fast 2 jahre mit der App
25. Januar 2024

The Customer service is very responsive and they have fixed my issue very quiclky! Thank you Jeremie

3 monate mit der App
2. Januar 2024

La traduction n'est jamais facile, surtout instantanée et en plusieurs langues !!
Avec Weglot, mon site est traduit en 5 langues instantanément.
Je n'ai pas forcement besoin d'une traduction parfaite, juste que les nouveaux clients étrangers comprennent mon offre de services, et cela fonctionne !
Quand je demande de l'aide : je l'obtiens ! Et mon problème est réglé ensuite.
Je suis donc satisfait. Merci Weglot.

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