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Hey Max thanks for reaching out I would not use your services even for free, your app is absolute dogshit and I'm glad I found an alternative as soon as I touched your buggy messy piece of shit software, this was the worst experience I've ever had in my life
Please close your business. If I would care enough I would tell you the problems with your products, but pushing me to buy while your shit app doesn't even work and expecting me to pay for a piece of simple code that lol why can I only add 1 language? And it's not designed for humans it's designed for autistic people.

I tried using your shit "visual editor" which is apparently the only option and it doesn't even work lol glad I didn't sign up for payment lol I actually wanted to, guys there are other great services stay away from this one. 0/10 would not use ever again even if it was the only product left on the whole freaking planet.

Developer reply

March 26, 2020

Weglot treats all our users with respect and does not stand for this type of abuse. As you never contacted us for help, there is no way for us to help you.

As there are bigger issues at hand, we hope you and your loved ones are safe.

Bombay Sunset Jewellery

I have been using this app for a while and now I will be uninstalling it. It basically doesn't work well and it translates only partially. It also adds strange characters to the translation lists, increasing your word count so that you have to upgrade to a bigger plan. Customer support doesn't respond to any support requests.

UPDATE: I have received an email from Karina which blames me for not being happy with the app and leaving a bad review. She says, and I quote, "I wanted to know why you did not contact us directly and instead left this review?" So there is nothing wrong with the app and I have to be happy with it. Also, she chases me only 6 hours later saying "I wanted to follow up on the below message and see if you remove the review." Karina, I had contacted you twice through the webchat on the app, that's why. Your approach to feedback has been really terrible.

Developer reply

March 18, 2020

We are sorry you feel this way but asking you to contact us if you are having issues is not in any way blaming you. It is normal to ask a user to contact us if they do not understand certain aspects of how our app functions instead of leaving a negative review on issues that are actually fixable. So other users reading this understand that your issues were resolvable:

Here is the answer to your statements:

-We have responded to all your messages; the last one being in December. There were NO unanswered messages from our team.

-The reason your site is not translating completely is that you are over the limit of your plan and not the app not functioning.

-Can you give me an example of strange characters?
Also, we do not have some mechanism that randomly adds characters to your site to scam you. We are a reputable company and wish to remain that way. We translate everything that is in your source code.

We wish you the best in all your future endeavors.

Kustom Sportswear

attention quand vous enlevez l application il continu a prendre votre argent, de plus ca fonctionne juste pour la base de shopify


The automatic translation tool and the support team are great, but guys you should really implement an update to be compliant to the new native-url release of Shopify in December 2019.
The plug in as it is doesn't enable any SEO optimization of URLs and this is really disadvantageous for us. After asking many times when they will adapt to the new URL feature, they couldn't give us a clear anwer...
What a pity!


First it says it's free up to 2000 words. And now you guys want to get payed for the app. Such a scam!

Developer reply

February 12, 2020

Hi Weartful,

We wish you would have contacted support so we could have let you know that after your trial, you are automatically put on the free plan. We are definitely not a scam :(

Lulla Doll by Roro

The translations are probably fine, but be very careful with installing this app.

After installing I expected the standard Shopify app behaviour where the user is given a chance to study and configure and understand the app before promoting it to production. This was not the case for this app, as after installing it helpfully told me that the translations where now live on my store and some button was now appearing on the website. I tried to set the translations to private but it had no effect on the live store. I tried hiding the button but it had only options to select a corner for it to display. This app only has one setting: Live.

So I did what I felt was the obvious thing when your store is unexpectedly injected with code you don't have control over: I immediately uninstalled the app. I figured that I'd just move on to the next candidate and that would be the end of it.

However, the developer then asked me for my reasons for uninstalling, and when I gave them my reasons I was then helpfully lectured by a customer service rep on how my reasons were wrong and I clearly didn't understand how great their product is. I do have to thank them though, for inspiring me to leave a review.

(I expect a developer response below explaining how everything I said was wrong, and that's fine.)

(Edit: Yep, as expected.)

Developer reply

February 5, 2020

Hi Lulla Doll,

We are so sorry you are having issues but we have previously let you know you can have Weglot on Private mode if you do not want to be live. The code injected is the same as any other app and is needed in order for the app to be functional.

After reviewing your interaction with the support team, you were not lectured. Your final response to us was and I quote:

"Not upset at all actually, and hadn't planned to answer at all but then Max asked for my feedback. I guess I was wrong as you have so helpfully explained to me. Many apologies for the bad feedback."

We know Weglot is not for anyone and we have just tried to help you from the start. We wish you the best.

Jolie Femme Fashion Store

Even I have uninstall the app, the button (which is not functional anymore) still keep appearing on the website, don't know how to get rid of it!

Developer reply

February 4, 2020

We are sad to see a 1-star rating as we can easily help you remove the button or you can do it yourself with this doc:

We are just an email away if you need us!

Vini e Distillati Angelo Delea SA

We are constantly receiving complaints from our costumers about the translations…
How is it possible that Weglot automatically translates “Capretto al forno” (Baked lamb – in english) into something like “gebackenen Kindern” (Baked kid – in english)!!!!
That’s not the only shitty translation that we found and changed thanks to our customers! How is that even possible/related!?!
We understand that the automatic translations can’t be perfect, but some of those are way beyond all limits.
The support answer pretty fast, but almost every time with stupid/useless answers that requires other 3/4 emails before they do something.

Developer reply

January 28, 2020


Try typing "Capretto al forno" on Google translate or Deepl, you will see that it translates to "Baked Kid".

As you know, we are using these engines to provide automatic translations. We have no control over Google or DeepL so I'm not sure what we could have done here. This translation is unfortunate but please be aware that you can modify all translations thanks to Weglot.

Moreover, we even have an option to not show automatic translation until it's reviewed. You could have use this also.

Layla Collection

Bad app. Bad support.
Wanted to translate to Arabic with right to left layout
The app messed up my website layout (for the translated language only)
I contacted support asking them to correct these changes. Karina responded with a silly email telling me they cannot "redo a site" for me.

I chose another app, had the same problem, but they resolved all issues for free!

Weglot is a bad choice!

You should've handled this issue in a more professional manner rather than saying "redo a site for you". I never requested changes for my site. I was requesting your team to correct faults caused by the Right To Left (RTL) view. If you had a little more experience in RTL layout you would've understood what I meant.

The other app understood the issue and worked with me and they resolved everything.

I had the right to review and I posted what I believe.

Weglot is a bad choice.
Good luck to you too :)

I have no interest in fighting you as well. And I am not gearing nothing to hurt no one. I wrote what I think in a direct way.

Again, I am not asking for any changes on my website. If I want to "redo" my website I would hire a developer for that. Not install a language app and ask its customer support team to redo it for me. The response didn't relate to my request and was inappropriate.

I am installing your app to add Arabic. After I did, the layout changed to right-to-left. However, there were drastic mistakes in that change. Some elements changed other elements remained left-to-right. That is why I was very disappointed when you said "we cannot redo a site for you".

I wish you the best of luck.

Developer reply

December 4, 2019

Update: Thanks again for your second response but if you wish to settle this matter, We recommend you email us back directly as it seems your responses are geared to hurt Weglot in a non-cordial way. We are here to just help out our wonderful users and have no interest in fighting with you :)

Again, best of luck to you.

We are so sorry to hear you believe our responses were silly but here at Weglot, we do not take any email from our more than 50k+ happy users as a joke. We know Weglot is not for everyone so we are happy you found a provider that works with your needs. We are here to provide all our users with the tools to make their site multilingual but like all apps, we have our limitations in the work we can do in making changes to their site. We like to let our numbers speak for themselves and with more than 600+ 5-stars reviews, Weglot is a great choice in support and multilingual needs :) Best of luck Mahmoud!


I used this app to help me translate my content and it ended up costing me losing clients and money, lot of money, its the worst app ever, the IDE is not working properly, it changed the landing page for every user, the editing is not east to get to, nothing worked I just lost money and time for this app, and the worst thing is that i paid for it, next time I should read reviews before I purchase anything. I dont know why this is the first app on here.

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