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Translate your store into multiple languages.

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DeMassageWinkel B.V.

Overall, I think the options and speed of the app are very good. Also, the option that you can translate the URLs is amazing - especially for SEO purposes. It is a great way to scale internationally for any webstore. What I do definitely not wish to anyone is switching from Langify to Weglot. It is a big pain in the ass and in the end you will need to import all translations manually (even though weglot claims they can flawlessly import all translations). The customer support team is not really willing to help in this as well, and just tell you to hire someone that can import for you (even though their website claims that you can import all translations easily?) Second the URL function in their software is a pain in the ass. It doesn't work at all and after emailing back and forth about this for a couple of weeks I just give up and try using their visual editor... At the moment we have around 220k words translated apparently and I have no idea where they show up from, as the translations can't be matched to individual products anymore and they also do not show up in the visual editor? Also their integration with review applications does only work one way - They translate from the main language to the target language. However if you get a review in the target language, it won't automatically translate to the main language. So I am not sure if you can call this a real integration... E.g. You have a English website and translate it to French - If you got an english review it will translate to French for your French website, but if you get a French review it won't translate to English for your English website So in general I would say Weglot is the most advanced translations app for Shopify at this moment. However, expect a HUGE hassle when switching translations apps and expect to pay for word amounts that don't really add up (as you can't see clearly on which page which translations show up as their URL function doesn't work). Having said that, for us the extra features of weglot add up to the amount we pay per month. They have been helpfull with adding one extra feature to our current plan, which is very nice. However, there is a lot of room for improvement in my opinion and it would have been highly appreciated if there was better support. Not only by email, but perhaps by an onboarding video call. This doesn't sound like too much for a $200+ per month software to me.

Secrets of Eve

the app is very easy to use, especially with the visual editor.
minus points.
-Not good for SEO even with subdomains and sometimes slow
-customer support is not the best
-not compatible with subfolders structure -can't submit website sitemap to google
-for hreflangs tags you need to remove programmatically shopify automatic tags. if you want to just display translation it is a good and relatively cheap app.
if you want more then you need to look elsewhere.

Le Stylistic

The app is good but in the end makes a very basic job and charges a fortune when you have a lot of visitors. I pay 230€ per month.

Ma Culotte Menstruelle

Attention, cette application est modifie automatiquement votre plan si vous dépassez le nombre de mot à traduire et vous prélève sans votre accord des 100aines d'euros. Le remboursement serait en cours de leur part mais je trouve cette pratique inacceptable, la modification d'un plan et le fait de prélever sur la carte de leur client doit se faire exclusivement avec un accord tacite. Je relève toutefois une excellente prise en charge par leur équipe.

suite 2603

Very efficient customer service: Karina was fast, punctual and professional in dealing with my request for help. Thank you!

Bella Belle Shoes

This app is good for translating your website to different languages using Google Translate. Therefore, expect clunky and weird translation as you would expect from Google Translate. This may work for some, but not for others. You may want to look into just manually translating your key pages to sound more professional. Otherwise, don't bother paying for this app as your customers can use Google Translate for free.

Customer service is knowledgeable and responsive.

Be careful not to get billed for automatic upgrades. Write to them that you don't want to get billed for automatic upgrades. I fell for this. Never again. Note that this will mean some parts of your pages may not get translated.

This next one is my biggest pet peeve. It is important to note that as you make changes to your site (not new additional content; just any changes), they will store all the content (old and new) and translate absolutely everythinggggg which causes your wordcount (therefore pricing) to go way way up to the point that it sounds unreasonable. We had to go through each page and delete the old translation, which is very tedious. Just by doing that, it reduces the wordcount from 600,000 to below 200,000 for 5 languages. They translated everything including all URLs, all size options, all countries, all searches that customers did, all the dotted lines, dates, discontinued products, SKUs, and also the same translation stored more than once. Imagine all these little stuff gets multiplied by however many languages you offer. A way to avoid this is to do the tedious task of "blocking" translation.

All in all, good app to have if you need translation and don't mind clunky translation, but be very careful with the points mentioned above: overcharging, weird-sounding translation, and wordcount calculation. It can get expensive very quickly.

Weglot team: please take this feedback to better your offering. Translating every single little thing (old and new) breaks down the integrity of your brand. Give customers the courtesy of upgrade advance notification. You have so much potential but practices like this make you look bad.


Didn't like the app at all - seemed to charge for more words that I actually have on my website and so difficult to exclude content from being translated. Didn't like the interface. But good customer service though

Developer reply

April 9, 2020

Hi Boida shop!

We are sorry you feel this way but we are not quite sure the context of your review as we could have helped you with excluding the content by just writing us a message.

​We also do not charge more words than are actually on the site as that would not only be counter-intuitive but a scam that goes against our company mission.
​​You have 100% transparency of what is translated on your Translation List which you can even sort by URL or creation date.
​This means words and SEO meta that you are not counting as this is in your HTML source code.

Feel free to contact us if you need further help.

Maison Baum

The app does its job and is generally easy to use, but setting up dynamic content or text that doesnt have a direct translation in another language is a nightmare, e.g. mobile vs. desktop menu or legal texts with different lengths in each language.

Support is very quick to respond and helpful, but in the end they kicked the ball back to us. They wasted 5 hours of our developer's time with untested solutions on fixing the translation of the legal texts - just to in the end tell us they don't know how to fix it.


The team is OK, but it took us almost 3 weeks to make it somehow work.
Half the text we had to translate manually, which was not an issue. The biggest problem was that half the text we couldn't find at all, and couldn't translate. Then we had to contact their helpdek. It was lots of back and forth.

Le Thé Chic

Basically i went to editing and translated everything myself. Machine translated all text wrong, i had to correct everything. What was confusing is that in the editor pages didn't came up at the same time. So next day i had more things to edit. Imagine if customer see all that poor translation.