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Merchants highly recommend this app for its automatic translation feature, beneficial for international trade. It supports multiple languages and allows manual adjustments. The app is praised for its seamless operation, speed, and SEO-friendly features. Merchants report increased international traffic after using it. Customer support is commended for its responsiveness and effectiveness. The app is easy to use with clear instructions and troubleshooting resources. It's reported to positively impact businesses by making content accessible in multiple languages.

April 3, 2024


They don’t take any accountability for the mess they make.

My website is down already for 7 days!! I am receiving an error because they messed up my DNS completely and now globally my website is down. I contacted my domain name provider and Shopify and they did everything they could and all settings are correct, but Weglot still holds some kind of access to my website which causes the error even though I deleted everything and completely uninstalled and removed my profile with them.

They don’t take any responsibility and just say it’s not their fault and I need to resolve with Shopify. IT IS 10000% THEIR FAULT and Shopify is also at a loss and can’t do anything further except determine wether they should still allow Weglot on their App Store! As soon as I untoggled the option for Weglot to use subdirectories my website was down and nothing has brought it back yet. They still have not resolved it to this day and every day goes by with us losing a lot of money.

United Kingdom
3 months using the app
Weglot replied April 16, 2024


Thank you for taking the time to write a review of Shopify.

We had a chance to discuss further the issue you experienced, and finally it was decided to disable the integration. The issue here was mainly related to the DNS propagation on Shopify's end, and also a cache issue in the whole Shopify process.

Our Support agent kindly helped you to contact the Shopify Support team which fixed all the issues you experienced.
The issue is fixed now.

​Please contact back our team at support@weglot.com so our team members can discuss your concerns in more detail.
You can ask for Chris, our Head of Support, so he can personally take care of your demand and help you improve your experience with our plugin

We're remaining at your disposal for any further information,
And wish you a wonderful day,
The Weglot Team

January 27, 2024

My website is down due to the instructions of weglot.
For the subdomains they said to make changes in DNS which has caused my erbosteste not work anymore.
I can’t get any sales anymore.
I have submitted tickets since yesterday and haven’t received even one reply. I don’t know if I should sue for damages as I wasn’t informed about these consequences.

Unrefined Riches
Over 1 year using the app
Weglot replied February 20, 2024


Your insights are invaluable, and we are committed to addressing the issues you've raised to enhance our overall customer experience.

After taking a look at your account, our team was active in responding to your messages and solved your issue.

We tried to contact you again to see if all changes are reflected on your end but have yet to receive your response.

Do not hesitate to contact us at support@weglot.com if you have any further questions.

The Weglot Team

February 11, 2024

We dont recommend Weglot. Its really unstable and has much bugs and make MUCH EXTRA WORK. When you make translations, they dont appear in the webshop. We sell globally high quality electronics and it makes it harder so we are trying to find an another service.

Joy Planet Finland
About 1 year using the app
Weglot replied February 26, 2024

Dear Joy Planet Finland,

We appreciate you sharing your feedback about Weglot, and we apologize for any inconvenience you've experienced. We understand the importance of a reliable translation service, especially when operating a global webshop for high-quality electronics.

We take user feedback seriously and are committed to addressing any issues our users encounter. We would like to investigate the problems you've mentioned regarding instability, bugs, and translation visibility in your webshop. Could you please provide more specific details or contact our customer support team at support@weglot.com? This will help us identify and resolve the issues you've faced.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we would like to work towards providing a better experience for you.

Thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention, and we look forward to the opportunity to improve your experience with Weglot.

Best regards,

The Weglot Team

January 16, 2024

The app start pushing you to increase plan constantly even if you don't put anything new translated words increase. Rather than this is not comfortable to put manual translation because is necessary to check and correct some translation.

29 days using the app
Weglot replied January 25, 2024


I hope you are doing well.
I wanted to reach out to you regarding the recent feedback you provided, expressing dissatisfaction with the increase in word count.

First and foremost, I want to express our gratitude for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. Your feedback is invaluable as it helps us understand the concerns of our users and continuously improve our services.

I understand that the recent increase in word count may have been unexpected and possibly inconvenient for you. I can see that Christophe has reached out to you as well, explaining why this happens and providing solutions on how to decrease it if needed.

Do you need further help? I went ahead and did a word count of your site, and it seems you have a total number of Words: 300,501. You can see that this is not a question of Weglot trying to make you upgrade but more a question of the total number of words you have that surpasses your current plan.

Feel free to let me know if you need any more information.


The Weglot Team

December 14, 2023

Terrible customer service. We had a small bug and the solution they offered deleted all our manual translations and thus made weeks of work go to waste. Also slows down your website a LOT.

Almost 2 years using the app
Weglot replied December 19, 2023

Dear User,

I want to express my sincerest apologies for the inconvenience and frustration you encountered due to your recent experience with our service. Your feedback regarding the small bug and subsequent loss of manual translations is deeply concerning to us, and I completely understand the frustration caused by this situation.

After an investigation with our team, it seems no manual translations were removed from Weglot's end, and our team did their best to answer all your questions and concerns.

Feel free to contact the support team at support@weglot.com if you wish to have further assistance.

The Weglot Team

January 23, 2024

Nothing was as promised, ruined my website translations, ruined my store, i am really dissapointed.

About 2 months using the app
Weglot replied January 25, 2024

Dear User,

We sincerely apologize for the challenges you've encountered, and we are truly sorry to hear about your disappointment with our services. It seems, after further investigation, you were requesting a video call, which, unfortunately, we do not provide.

Our team tried to help you out as much as possible. Still, it seems you were not able to provide the team with any further information, such as screenshots and information about the issue you had, which hindered them from giving you more information.

We did not see the site ruined, but rather, you were looking to have the URL Slugs translated, which is something that can be easily fixed.

Lastly, We sincerely apologize for not meeting your expectations regarding our response time. We do our best to respond as soon as we can.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


The Weglot Team

May 5, 2024

says free plan available but its only for 10 days

My Store
9 minutes using the app
Weglot replied May 7, 2024

Hi, Weglot Support here, we hope you are having a great day.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to write a review.

In fact, at the end of your 10-day trial period, your account automatically become a free account that allows you to manage 2000 translated words and only one extra language.

I think we could help you improve your experience with our app.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team at support@weglot.com, so our team members can discuss your concerns in more detail and find a solution together.

You can ask Guillaume, he’s one of our engineers, so he can personally take care of your demand.


The Weglot Team

October 26, 2023

Does not translate the checkout page anymore since Shopify rolled out the One page checkout. Did not even bother notify the customers about it. No solutions found, team useless. Now the checkout page displays in French for all our worldwide customers. Great !

Almost 5 years using the app
Weglot replied December 19, 2023


I want to extend my deepest apologies for the inconvenience and frustration caused by the recent issues you encountered with our service, particularly regarding the translation of your checkout page since Shopify's One-page Checkout update. Your feedback is immensely valuable, and I genuinely regret the impact this has had on your customers' experience.

I see our team proposed to help you out, but you did not respond to our email asking for more information to be able to propose a solution for you. We also see you are still using Weglot.

If you still need help, please get in touch with us at support@weglot.com.


The Weglot Team

June 30, 2023

Been using this app for years, but we decided eventually to uninstall it. The app is extremely expensive in comparison with much more modern apps that offer 5 to 10 times more languages and words in much less price. Very limited in regards to deep machine translations. The support/company's management seems to be careless to respond, if they ever responded at all.

Arabian Shopping Zone
About 4 years using the app
Weglot replied July 13, 2023


Thank you for taking the time to write a review of Shopify.

It sounds like your experience with Weglot can be improved, and we would be happy to help you, as best we can, to improve your experience with our product.

Actually, be aware that Weglot proposes a Free plan and also proposes Premium plans.

Premium plans allow us to be able to create super cool features such as the Slug Translations (See => https://support.weglot.com/article/148-can-i-translate-my-urls) to improve the UX on your translated versions.

The “Variable” feature (See => https://support.weglot.com/article/302-how-can-i-add-variables-to-my-translations) and propose variable suggestion to help you optimize your translations and save translation credits.

We are also pleased to offer the option to detect potentially inactive translations (See => https://support.weglot.com/article/288-how-can-i-remove-inactive-translations) to help optimize your translations.

Our Support team is very dedicated to help all our users regardless of their subscription and we all try to propose the best experience possible.

We’d be glad to help you further. You’d just need to contact our team at support@weglot.com and ask for Chris, our Head of Support, so he can personally take care of your demand and help you improve your experience with our plugin.

Have a wonderful day,


The Weglot Team

August 24, 2023

You have reached your words limit
This company will do this no matter what. Try to avoid by excluding blocks, they go to 2k words on a 600 word webpage anyway. Now they will be emailing with their lame explanations asking to remove this review.

Weglot, you earned it, eat the star, and stop your bs.

About 1 year using the app
Weglot replied August 29, 2023


Thanks a lot for taking the time to write a review.

It seems that your experience with Weglot can be improved, and I'd be glad to help you improve your experience with our product.
I've analyzed further the conversation you've had with our Support team and also your account and it seems you had trouble managing your translations and excluding some pages to stay under 2000 translated words

From what I can see in your account, you have a significant number of inactive translations that could be easily removed and reduce your word count here

If you'd like to give it a try, don't hesitate to come back to us at support@weglot.com so we can help you further in this matter

We'd be really glad to help you improve your user experience with our app.

Keep us posted,
Have a great day,