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Welcome Bar by Apptuse

Welcome Bar by Apptuse

Developed by Apptuse

24 reviews
Price: Free – $9.00 / month More info
  • Use Welcome Bar to drive more traffic to a specific URL
  • Point visitors to your social media channels
  • Display your coupon codes upfront

The Welcome Bar drives sales by capturing your customer’s attention and directing them to your most important products and deals. Add this to your website and get people clicking!

If you are a Shopify store owner, or are thinking about setting up a Shopify store, using the Welcome Bar app can help increase your on-site conversions by driving awareness and clicks to your most important products and pages.


New features just added!

  • Dispose Welcomebar : On clicking yes , the "down toggle " arrow will not appear once the welcome bar is closed

  • You can change the content color, button color , button text color and the background color

  • You can decide whether to open the specified link in new tab or not

  • You can change the font size , family and style of the text in the welcome bar

  • You can change the toggle image's color (can be Bright or dark)


Basic Version: FREE

Premium Version: $ 9.00

FREE for a Limited time

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  • Customization – customize the look and feel of your Welcome Bar to match your store and brand.
  • Promoted Content – keep visitors up-to-date on what you’re up to and what’s new in the store.
  • Social Connection – point visitors to your social media channels.
  • Toggle - make it visible on your site whenever you want to. You can enable/disable the bar from the backend.


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Welcome Bar by Apptuse reviews

24 reviews
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  5. 1 star (10 reviews)

Works for me. Easy setup.
Thank you.


I love the ability to quickly customize the welcome bar. You can also make a mobile app with this app. Great Job!


Easy to install and use, we use for specials and to notify customers when we are away. Have had installed for quite a long time and never had any problems.


I never got this app to work? I contacted support via site 3 times & received 1 "didn't receive your query" & 2 generic responses that did not relate to my issue. What it previewed it was going to provide looked perfect but just couldn't apply it to my site & found instructions sketchy.


Worked for a few months, now having major caching problems so basically is useless. Use the Quick Announcement Bar instead and save yourself the headache.


Could not get it to work in Shopify - using Expression theme. Banner stayed green no matter what options I tried - couldn't even disable once enabled. Also Shopify isn't listed as a recognized store (?) in the Apptuse site, which you must create account, had to select "other".


Any textual change and similar types of changes, once saved, simply will NOT update actually on the web. And it's not because I haven't done what they suggest, which is to clear cache. I've cleared not only cache, but cookies and browsing history back to the "beginning of time" and the app simply won't reflect the new changes at the site, despite being saved not once, but multiple times, with confirmation every time that the save was successful.

I then uninstalled the app with the intention of reinstalling with the intention of starting afresh, and unlike most other Shopify apps that will permit that, not it won't permit a reinstall.

I've got a support ticket in which I indicated I'm giving it a 1 star unless and until they fix this mess, which, if they fix it, I'll update and upgrade to a 5 star. It's up to them. I'm given them incentive.


I am not sure how to rate it, I can not seem to re position the banner, and I want to correct a spelling error and it wont correct so I just do not know yet.


The pro is that it's simple, but the overwhelming con is that it's unattractive, and users cannot easily edit it to get the right look. Specifying a font name and size didn't function. The enable/disable button didn't function. You have to delete the app entirely if you want to disable it. Come on, people!


I spent a few hours trying to get this to work as I like that it doesn't have any branding. Ultimately, it never really worked for me. I went with HelloBar instead.

Free – $9.00 / month

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