Instantly access the best shipping rates in Mexico.

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Generate Discounted Labels

Access the best shipping rates for e-commerce in Mexico.

Ship Smart With WeShip

WeShip can generate up to 100 labels in less than 30 seconds. Take benefit of all the functionalities designed to optimize performance.

Track & Notify

Update your order queue, automatically email customers their tracking information and give them the attention they deserve.

有關 WeShip

About WeShip - You´re A to Z shipping platform.

WeShip is a shipping platform designed to optimize performance, from pre selected shipping rates based on criteria rules, to your favorite package sizes and printing settings. Stop time consuming manual work and start automatizing. WeShip can generate up to 100 labels simultaneously in less than 30 seconds. Get things done and level up your fulfillment flow

Discounted courier rates in Mexico

  • Instantly access FedEx, Estafeta, UPS, 99 Minutos and RedPack pre-negotiated rates
  • More couriers available soon

Connect to your stores

  • Seamless integration with Shopify to streamline the process.
  • Sync your store and begin saving time and money on shipping process.

Generate FedEx, Estafeta, UPS, 99 Minutos and RedPack labels

  • Bulk label generator ( up to 100 labels in less than one minute)
  • Batch PDF for printing and control.
  • Pick and pack screen report and pdf.
  • Manage your label generation and shipping all in the cloud.
  • WeShip allows you to increase conversion rate by giving your customers the attention they deserve.
  • Easy download commercial invoice for exports/imports.

Smart & Fast Shipping: Set criteria rules- Avoid manual work and optimize fulfillment flow.

  • Package size and weight
  • Origin addresses (stores and warehouses)
  • Favorite courier and rate (ex. FedEx- Standard Overnight)
  • Assign rates based on what the customer selected. ( ex. Express Shipping = Fastest Rate)
  • Set printing preference for label size and layout.

Track and Notify

  • Automatic customer notification with tracking information.
  • Automatic fulfillment synced to your Shopify store.
  • Following up your shipments has never been easier. Our dashboard is updated at each step of the delivery process and notifies you if a label requires your attention.

Data Analysis

  • Visualize your fulfillment time, shipment costs, and delivery over time.
  • Most popular courier services and locations.
  • Shipment status.


  • Fedex,
  • Estafeta,
  • 99 Minutos,
  • UPS,
  • RedPack



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5.0 5 顆星


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Shop Black Sand

Weship nos ha ayudado mucho para facilitar todo el proceso para arrancar nuestra tienda. Teníamos muy poca experiencia en e-commerce y ellos nos ayudaron y se tomaron el tiempo para explicarnos cada paso del proceso. También estamos usando su servicio de fulfillment en su bodega y estamos muy contentas con los resultados. Excelente servicio al cliente.


Estás muy fácil de usar, puedes generar guias en menos de 2 minutos (y múltiples guías a la vez). Y el servicio de atención es súper bueno.


La app esta super automatizada y ágil ! El servicio a cliente que te dan es muy bueno, me resuelven todo en el momento. Excelente opción.