WeSupply Track Order & Returns

WeSupply Track Order & Returns

開發者:WeSupply LLC

Order Lookup Page, Track Order Status, Shipping Notifications.

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Branded Tracking Page

5 Branded Order Tracking Page Designs. ❤️‍🔥 Track Orders Proactively & Improve Customer Experience 🚀 Reduce WISMO calls today!

Return Center & Order Tracking

Drive more revenue with a better Post Purchase Experience. Open a Returns Center & Track Orders proactively.

Shipping Notifications

Engage with your customers through Post Purchase Shipping & SMS Notification. Order Notifications for delayed shipments & approved returns

有關 WeSupply Track Order & Returns

WeSupply - all in one Post Purchase Solution - Order Tracking, Returns Center, Estimated Delivery Date, Curbside Pickup, In Store Pickup & Store Locator

Order Tracking, Email & SMS Notification - track shipments & returns in one place.

  • Automatically import tracking numbers to WeSupply and send Shipment Notifications once shipment status changes
  • Send shipping notifications from your company email address, with your logo and brand identity
  • Keep your customers updated about their order status and recommend products they are likely to buy, shipment tracking is a highly opened email that allows you to upsell additional products
  • Reduce WISMO via Proactive Order Tracking Notifications & SMS Notifications
  • Manage Curbside Pick Up and In Store Pickup delivery directly from WeSupply.
  • Track shipments & get powerful insight on notifications, returns and customer feedback

Estimate Delivery Date EDD - Set clear shipping expectations

  • Add Estimated Delivery Date on product page, eliminate shipping anxiety and set the right shipping expectations from the beginning
  • EDD accuracy takes into consideration the Weekends, Holidays, Cut-Off Times & customizable shipping rules.

Branded Tracking Page - Reduce the most common Customer Service Question! " WISMO - Where is my order? "

  • Generate an embedded branded tracking page for each shipment with your logo and company identity
  • Drive traffic to your site instead of the carrier's site increasing organic SEO.
  • Show live courier tracking info on your own site, shipment track with visual reprezentation.
  • Choose one of the 5 Branded Tracking Page designs and customize the look & feel to match your own brand.

Shopify Returns Center - Reduce friction with our Effortless Self-Service Return Center. Manage Returns, Refunds and Product Exchanges with WeSupply Order Management

  • Handle the product returns based on flexible rules specific for each product type
  • Customizable Product Returns Policies
  • Generate Return Labels
  • Take data driven decisions based on Return Center Analytics

WeSupply - all in 1 alternative

WeSupply is an alternative to Narvar, Shippingeasy, Parcellab, aftership, Get convey, shipup, easyship, ShipStation, TrackingMore, Happy Returns, Trakr, ParcelPanel, Route Tracking More, Traktor, trackhive, parcel perform, Clicksit, Rush, Postmen, parcel lab, track hive, Parcel Panel, after ship, easy ship, ship station, Shipping Easy, shippo, dhl shipping, happy returns, returnly, rich returns, postco, return magic, shippypro, shippy pro, sendcloud, starship, starshipit, tracktor


  • Zendesk,
  • easypost,
  • UPS,
  • USPS,
  • FedEx,
  • Shippo

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  • Unlimited shipments per month
  • Proactive Email Notifications
  • Branded Tracking Page
  • Post Purchase Marketing
  • Customer Feedback (NPS, CSAT)


每月 $75

$0.03 per extra shipment & $0.20 per return

  • Includes 2,500 shipments
  • Branded Tracking & Returns Page
  • Customer Feedback (NPS, CSAT)
  • Order Delay Notifications
  • Zendesk Integration


每月 $750

$0.03 per extra shipment & $0.20 per return

  • Includes 25,000 shipments
  • ERP Integration
  • Multi Warehouse Returns
  • Store & Curbside Pickup
  • Dedicated Support Specialist

* 所有費用均以 USD 計價。
** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

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This app has been great for me so far. I ship furniture and mostly use email notifications but they also offer sms which is great. The tracking works fine and my customers appreciate it, but what's really useful is the returns functionality because it's really customizable. You can set up a million different logics and conditions so it can be overwhelming at first, but props to Daniela from the support team for the great help!