WhatsApp Chat + Abandoned Cart

WhatsApp Chat + Abandoned Cart


AUTOMATED Abandoned Cart Recovery via WhatsApp + Chat Button

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WhatsApp Abandon Cart Recovery

Send a series of AUTOMATED Abandoned Cart recovery messages via WhatsApp. Include dynamic coupon codes. No coding skills needed. Easy setup.

Order Confirmation & delivery

Automatically send order confirmation and order delivery messages over WhatsApp. Optionally choose to send a unique coupon for next order

Manual WhatsApp Messages

Track abandoned checkouts & manually send personalized cart recovery & order follow-up messages over WhatsApp. Templates for faster sending.

WhatsApp Chat + Abandoned Cart 정보

AUTOMATED WhatsApp Messages - Abandoned Cart recovery, Order confirmation & order delivery

Everything you need in one WhatsApp plugin:

  1. Automated Abandoned Cart recovery
  2. Automated Order Confirmation & Order shipment with Tracking URL.
  3. Dynamic Coupon codes
  4. Orders CRM
  5. Manual WhatsApp Messages
  6. WhatsApp Chat button

Supported Languages

English, Portuguese, Spanish. (COMING SOON: Indonesian Bahasa, Arabic).

AUTOMATED WhatsApp Messages

  • Automated Abandoned Cart Recovery, Order confirmation, Order delivery (with Tracking URL) messages.
  • Messages are sent from a WhatsApp approved business API number. Your WhatsApp contact is included automatically.
  • Message templates are Pre-approved by WhatsApp
  • Automation templates in English, Portuguese & Spanish (COMING SOON: Indonesian Bahasa, Arabic).
  • You will be billed only for successful delivery of the message.
  • Message rates for countries where WhatsApp is popular: India: $0.02, Brazil: $0.08, Mexico: $0.05. Please check our app to find the rates for all other countries.

AUTOMATED WhatsApp Abandoned Cart Recovery - drip campaign

Unlike a single message, you can send a series of cart recovery reminders using our app.

Example of Drip Automation:

  • First reminder : 1 hour after abandonment.
  • Second reminder with a coupon code: 1 day after the abandonment
  • Third reminder: 3 days after the abandonment

How does it work?

  • When a customer abandons a checkout with a phone number, we automatically send the.
  • A unique recovery link is sent in the message. (Optionally send a unique, dynamically generated coupon code)
  • Customer recovers the cart and complete the order
  • Once completed, automated messages will be stopped immediately. Example: Let's say, you have THREE Automated messages configured. If the customer recovered the cart after he received the first message, then the subsequent messages will NOT be sent.

Manual WhatsApp messages for Cart Recovery

The app automatically tracks the abandoned checkouts that have a valid Phone Number. So you can manually send a message over WhatsApp.

How MANUAL messaging works?

  • Create one or more message templates in the app
  • Under the Checkout management, use the Send Message option to choose a template and send it. (NOTE: either the WhatsApp web or the mobile is required)

WhatsApp Chat button

  • Easy to set up : Just enter your mobile number and enable.
  • No Code installation required.
  • Place the chat button at left, right or side edges
  • Customizable

IMPORTANT NOTE: Both the merchant and the customer need the WhatsApp mobile app for using the chat functionality


Awesome support. Contact us for a free setup using the "Help" widget in the app.


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  • 개인정보처리방침
  • team@checkoutful.com

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  • Unlimited Manual Cart Recovery messages
  • Templates for manual messages
  • Abandoned Checkout tracking & management
  • Orders CRM
  • WhatsApp Chat



Automated message rates vary by country and start at $0.02 per message

  • Free+
  • AUTOMATED Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • AUTOMATED Order Confirmation + Order shipment messages
  • WhatsApp approved templates
  • Dynamic coupons

* 모든 비용은 USD로 청구됩니다.
** 월별 혹은 사용자 기반 청구를 포함한 반복 청구 금액은 30일 마다 청구됩니다.

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