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Easy to Install WhatsApp Chat

No coding required to configure! Just install & configure your WhatsApp live chat app. Best customer support chat app.

Quick WhatsApp Support Chat

Allow website or store users to instantly contact you on WhatsApp chat for getting help (whatshelp).

Increase Sales & Engagements

Communicate with customers via a reliable live chat support platform which increases sales & user experience. Add WhatsApp button.

有關 WhatsApp Chat Customer Support

Configure Whatsapp chat button without coding!

No coding required to configure WhatsApp! Just install and configure your WhatsApp chat widget.

Quick Live Chat Support for Your Shopify Store!

Allow website/store users to instantly contact you for getting an online chat via WhatsApp app.


  • Allow website users to directly contact you
  • Personalize chat with the greeting WhatsApp message
  • Customize the WhatsApp contact by image upload
  • Set the position of WhatsApp icon
  • Show/hide chat button for desktop & mobile
  • Set working time-slot for multiple WhatsApp agent (*new*)
  • Redirect your customer to a specific operator
  • Auto user-agent detection to open WhatsApp mobile or WhatsApp web
  • Enable google analytics tracking to track WhatsApp events in the application (*new*)
  • Whatsapp business app compatible

#For the best backend experience use the latest version of *Google Chrome*

The WhatsApp chat support is made for the Shopify store for instant chat support. Generally, people are looking for reliable & fast customer support when they are going online shopping. This app is the right way to connect your audience & giving a better customer experience while shopping.

Install the chat widget on your store and let it appear on position & your chosen icon. With the help of the WhatsApp customer support app, you will remain available always for your audience anytime. Regardless of your location and without chat board login hassle.

Manage multiple WhatsApp agents with specific online-offline time slots by every day which helps to reduce unattended customer count. Timeslots working based on GTM store timings.

Enabling the google Analytic tracking dashboard and configuring all the details at the app backend helps the admin to determine the WhatsApp track event. Admin gets the detail of the visitor who clicked the greeting button to open the chat widget. Automatically, the app collects data and transfer it to Google Analytics. Admin gets a clear idea of visitors converting to the quick chat system.

Why WhatsApp support chat App?

It is always good to have a conversation with your customers or potential website visitors! It gives you a chance to connect with them and convince them for conversion or impress them with excellent customer service! 

How could you benefit from WhatsApp multiuser?

This WhatsApp support App will make it easy for visitors to send their queries and questions to the specific operator. It may help elevate the number of leads and sales.

Please visit our Help Center for tips, support, and answers to common questions.

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  • +918511963839
  • support@setubridge.com

定價 1 天免費試用


每月 $1.99

  • Custom WhatsApp icon
  • Apply on device-specific (Mobile, Desktop)
  • Multiple operators
  • Event tracking in GA
  • In-app Google Analytic dashboard

* 所有費用均以美元計收。 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

4.8 5 顆星

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Me funciona muy bien! los clientes pueden hacer contacto conmigo. Hasta el momento no he tenido ningún inconveniente

Bob & Bill

Does it not work perfect with your custom template? Ask support. They might fix it for you if you ask nicely. In my case the depth of the button had to be changed so it wouldn’t get in front of shop notifications

Heritage Interiors Cairo

Shifa is responsive as well-expected. Thank you so much for your help! We are now able to use Whatsapp on our website.