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2023년 3월 24일

Do not get this. Not user friendly at all. Want to uninstall? that is going to be very hard for you. DO NOT USE. I am surprised this company has so many reviews. May be Shopify is allowing fake reviews! Do not use this

Shoe Shoppa
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2023년 3월 12일

I was happy to find a budget friendly tool.. and then i contacted support to understand how a small feature works.. they charged me 15000 INR just to provide the support.. i told them i can afford to pay 3000-4000 INR.. they denied.. why will a person come to a shitty interface app to spend 15k inr just to get their support.. why wont the person simply use Wati and Interakt? Pushdaddy guys seem to be scammers.. also, their customer reviews seem to be fake purchased.. because why will so many people leave such great reviews for high charging poor support poor interface tool..

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답글 pushdaddy.com개 2023년 3월 12일

Fake fake fake. We have not charged penny to this guy. He is just lier. Ha wanted custom work and he offered us 500 INR approx 6$. Anyone who has idea know how hard it is to code. We offered them 200$ for custom work and then he started giving lot of advise. Bla bla. And now i saw 1×star. Will u do anything for 6$ custom work which is useful only for his store?? So this review is total fake. There was just discussion and we asked 200$ but this guy is giving review that we charged them 200$. There is no way we can charge. No billing system in app

2023년 2월 16일

Default settings is that you can just give an order number in the chatbox and you get all the information of the customer. Major privacy leak.

Dutch Mud Men
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2023년 2월 14일

No he comenzado a usarlos, tampoco he logrado ver si funciona. Deben esperar a que termine el proceso para poder evaluarlos.

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2023년 2월 6일에 편집됨

Very bad app, you can't update and change Easly,
I will delete it and make another apps,
I tried many times to change or enhance it easy but i can't also they don't have live chat to support.

ShebaEU - متجر سبأ
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2022년 10월 28일

They are really bad, I messaged 2 times no response at all. No help, fix a problem. Poor service.... just a shame.

Beauty Junkies
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2022년 10월 27일

The app isn't working on my theme and I'm having problems with support... I don't recommend it! Support takes a long time to respond to my problem, and it didn't solve a big customer...

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답글 pushdaddy.com개 2022년 10월 27일

he wanted us to solve his theme issue. we advised him to contact developer u took help in theme editing. because all theme are different and we dont know what ur developer has done, but he was adamant that we have to do. we wont touch anything we are not expert at. we are app developers not theme developers so cant help. no issue with one rating. if you feel we should edit your theme without knowing and break it, we are not going to do. we know it is better to get 1 rating then breaking site

2022년 9월 11일

muito confuso nada pratico

Agilimax Shopping
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2022년 8월 21일

This app misused my money.
I installed this app only for abandoned carts and disabled all other functions. My messages credit was consumed in 3 days then I found in the messages log that this app is sending multiple COD and tracking messages to the same customer (Although it was disabled) which drains your credit. The customer service agent was unprofessional and denied the issue then later they claimed that listed rates had changed to justify the extra charges. Also, they requested screenshots of the messages log then they never tried to solve the problem rather than blaming me for it.

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답글 pushdaddy.com개 2022년 8월 21일

we launched logs recently and we said that there may be bug in logs data but lots of customer use this app and if disabled it does not go. our charge for kuwait was 0.08$ per msg for automated msg without any monthly fees. i shared him the charge other app charges with 80$ monthly fees + per msg charge of 0.13$ per msg and shared him screenshot and direct link also. we offer cost to cost price for automated msg.

2022년 8월 19일


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