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Data de edição: 11 de abril de 2023

I'm currently using KamiChat and was going to try this app, but I couldn't get into the backend after installing it.

Tempo gasto no app: 27 dias
6 de abril de 2023

While the chat widget is performing its intended functions satisfactorily, the process of setting it up leaves much to be desired. Specifically, the setup page appears to be disorganized and lacks clear guidance, which can make it difficult for users to navigate and configure the widget to their liking. As a result, users may experience frustration or confusion during the setup process.

Sui Sleep
Tempo gasto no app: 2 meses
7 de janeiro de 2023

aplicativo ta sendo mt bom

CC Empreendimentos
Tempo gasto no app: 4 dias
2 de novembro de 2022

Chato demais para configurar, ficam aqueles botoes do lado sobre a pagina atrapalha muito sem falar que a pagina fica rolando sem parar e nao achei onde fixar o botao apenas no fim da pagina e nao nela toda

Shoplander Store
Tempo gasto no app: Aproximadamente 1 hora
9 de setembro de 2022

You get forced to rate with on-site scrolling. I can't judge if the app is good. We'll be able to share if we used it. For annoying pushing for reviews, I give 2 stars.

Tempo gasto no app: 12 dias
22 de agosto de 2022

Chat do not start in front office, backoffice is very hard to learn and use, my number insert 3 times yet, but still now do not show.

Tempo gasto no app: 12 minutos
23 de março de 2022

Je ne comprends pas toute la fonctionnalité, l'application beugue beaucoup pas assez fluide. Pas assez intuitif.

Fashion Øne™
Tempo gasto no app: Aproximadamente 2 meses
5 de março de 2022

The "link" from my webshop to whatsapp doesn't work. So clients can not contact me from a mobile phone... what is the problem and how can we fix this???

Países Baixos
Tempo gasto no app: Aproximadamente 3 horas
10 de janeiro de 2022

es complicado de configurar, tarda en actualizarse o verse reflejados los cambios, se regresa al home cuando estoy configurando

Tempo gasto no app: Aproximadamente 1 hora
16 de junho de 2021

Too much spam!
The app looks like a page where 5 pop-ups could open at any moment.
Please rework your interface!

Tempo gasto no app: 18 minutos