Whatsapp Chat + Abandoned Cart

Whatsapp Chat + Abandoned Cart


WhatsApp Chat, Auto Abandoned Cart, FB Messenger, Reviews, FAQ

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Boost Sales

Sale more by solving customer inquiries in seconds

Happy Customers

Fast support means happy customers

Designed for Beginners

Just add mobile number and you are done. Easiest chat for whatsapp

Whatsapp Chat + Abandoned Cart 정보

Whatsapp Chat, Share & Marketing Automation

Chat Widget

One click installation of chat widget in site. Post installation, give your number and save and you are ready to communicate with your customers. They will contact in whatsapp number given. There are many configuration available for advance customers, you can link facebook messenger, instagram as secondary button or can merge many into one chat.

Multiple operator & Styles

Choose from 7 built in styles of chat as well as add as many operator you want. You can add share button in you site as well.

BOT for Automated reply

Answer Order status instantly through chat

How It Works?

As soon as they click on the button, their WhatsApp will open and they will be able to chat with you. can be used as alternative of several live chat app Talk to your customers directly and answer all their queries using WhatsApp. You can continue talking to them even after they leave your website via WhatsApp.


  • DISPLAY ON DESKTOP/ MOBILE (Switch on/ Switch off as per your convenience)
  • CTA
  • UNLIMITED NUMBER OF WHATSAPP CHAT: There is no limit on number of WhatsApp chats.
  • WHATSAPP ANALYTICS: You can see how many times your WhatsApp number has been clicked.
  • App Support

Order Automation

  • Automated Abandoned Cart recovery through whatsapp, sms and email
  • Order Confirmation
  • Review Collection
  • Send Tracking Updates through whatsapp
  • Cash on delivery Updates
  • Manual abandoned cart recovery

Marketing Automation

  • Email your customer about offers, discount periodically
  • SMS for marketing purpose # BOT for Automated reply Facebook Messenger +, Chat BOT for Automated reply, Order Confirmation through whatsapp, Tracking Updates to customers whatsapp, Collect reviews, Cash on delivery confirmation, Email, SMS, Whatsapp automated cart recovery


Solve customer queries faster than ever. by adding FAQ, many questions can be solved instantly

Connect directly with your customers with on your store. Live Chat with them directly, provide support/coupons.

The major advantage is that if a customer starts the Live Chat with you and leaves your website without purchasing anything, you can still communicate with them and convert that lead to a sale.

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Chat is FREE, Automated messages for cart recovery, order confirmation are charged as whatsapp charges to avoid spam

4.6 별 5개 중

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Best WhatsApp app ever. I suggest to everyone if you want the best is class WhatsApp service to grow your business use this app

El Vestidor de Inma

Muy útil la aplicación. Es gratis para instalar y funciona realmente bien. Muy recomendable para cualquier e-commerce.

Atelier LUMA

Good App......................................................I like it but not easy to use ;-))))))))))))))))