Easy Whatsapp Chat

Easy Whatsapp Chat

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Boost sales in 1 tap - easy WhatsApp live chat integration

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🤙 Instant WhatsApp Live Chat

Allow your customers to text you directly from their mobile. Provide instant and personalized customer support using WhatsApp Chat.

💲💲💲 Boost Sales & Revenue

Increase revenue by meeting your customers where they're at. Communicate with them where they're most likely to open their messages.

🏆 Happy, Returning Customers

Sell, support and build relationships with your customers via WhatsApp Chat. Boost retention and satisfaction.

Over Easy Whatsapp Chat

Are you missing out on potential customers? Or perhaps you want to sell more?

With the Easy WhatsApp Chat plugin, a closed sale is just 1 tap away. Let your customers message you and engage with them in real time via text when they're most likely to buy.

Easy WhatsApp Chat for your Shopify store

  • quick and easy setup
  • very easy for customers to use
  • seamless WhatsApp integration

Widget customization

  • customize widget appearance on your store
  • customize widget text / call-to-action
  • customize the widget position
  • add a pre-filled message to your WhatsApp live chat support button

Why use Easy WhatsApp Chat?

Mobile devices have taken over, now driving most of the traffic to online stores. At the same time, many of your potential customers (especially those outside the United States) are using WhatsApp. So start converting more by letting your mobile customers WhatsApp message you!

How does it work?

This live chat app adds a simple widget at the bottom of your mobile website that allows your customers to message you using WhatsApp. They can ask you questions and YOU can put your selling skills to work. All within one channel - WhatsApp - where most people read their EVERY message.

A few things the WhatsApp Chat app allows you to do

  • Allow customers to WhatsApp message you with just 1 tap on their phones
  • Answer customer questions via text, and encourage them to buy
  • Build up a list of phone numbers for later remarketing
  • Reach out to your customers that text you via WhatsApp, the most engaging marketing channel available today

Countries where the WhatsApp app is popular, according to the latest data

Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Croatia, Finland, Germany, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, Pakistan, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, and many more

Start your FREE WhatsApp Chat trial now to engage with potential customers via text!

If for any reason you don't LOVE Easy WhatsApp Chat, just cancel within 7 days and you will not be charged.

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  • Unlimited WhatsApp Chats
  • Greeting Widget
  • Widget Design Customization
  • Widget Text Customization
  • Widget Pre-filled Message
  • 7 Day Free Trial

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