Whatsapp Chat ,Share & More.

Whatsapp Chat ,Share & More.


Connect with Whatsapp , Skype, Viber Live Chat & Text SMS

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Chat better, solve better

By enabling improved live chat and SMS services, you can solve customer queries faster, better and with ease.

More referrals, more sales

Make 'Sharing' hassle-free for your visitors with their contacts, expect more referral purchases

Install, customize, converse

The app is just a click away to be available at your use! No coding expertise required to begin with the live chat + share + SMS feature.

Whatsapp Chat ,Share & More. 정보

Your Shopify Store?

  • This interactive application comes with a feature of integrating the WhatsApp chat , Viber , Skype , Google Hangout and SMSs as the live chat option. It lets you connect with your store visitors more conveniently and prominently. 
  • The 'sharing' option available maximizes the referral purchases by allowing users to share the product details with their contacts hassle-free. 
  • You, being the admin, can add different numbers of contacts in the app for the live chat and SMS options. Users can send text messages or opt for the live chat feature, and you'll be notified for the same as per your customization of contacts.

How the Application Works on Your Shopify Store?

  • Install the free* application on your Shopify store
  • Add number/s for social Live Chat and SMS queries along with other desired customization
  • A button for Social Live Chat + Share + SMS is now set up on your website as per your design positioning preferences
  • When a visitor will click the button, that particular Social media chat window will be open and ready to interact
  • Similarly, if they opt for the SMS options, the admin will be notified for the same

The Key App Features

  • Admin has the flexibility to add different contact numbers for the live chat and SMS options.
  • Admin can customize the pop-up button details for Live chat, SMS, and Share from the App.
  • The branding theme can be implemented on the App appearance with setting sections background and text colors.
  • Responsive Design.
  • Connect smart and connect better with your store visitors with unlimited WhatsApp Chat and Share access, while the first 1000 SMSs are free. (nominal charges has to be paid for next 1000 SMSs , once the free SMS are used. You can choose to continue the SMS feature by paying the subscription charges. Live Chat and Sharing service will be available Free, irrespective of whether you subscribe to the SMS charges or not)

Installation and Support

  • One-click installation is at your disposal when you choose the Social Live Chat + Share + SMS app. No coding expertise and developers needed!
  • We're happy and ready to assist you before, during, and after the app installation.

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Additonal charges will be applied only for Simple SMS after 1000 SMS limit exceeds. All other functionalities are free.

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Don't install this. WARNING! It is very complicated to uninstall. I deleted the app already but the widget is still on my store. You will require a developer to delete the widget.

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2020년 12월 8일

Thank you very much for your review , Kindly let us know the issue and please allow us to solve it. We will be happy to help.
QeRetail Team