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Extendons WhatsApp Assistant

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Discuss & Satisfy on WhatsApp to Ensure Checkout

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Notch Up Customer Support

Customers get fast communication channel to talk to a representative. It is reliable and simple: as easy as chatting with a friend.

Generate More Leads

Get more leads when the customers, who are reluctant to call or send an email for product inquiries, can discuss it on WhatsApp.

Increase Store Conversions

Discussion on WhatsApp can satisfy the potential customer in placing the order with a direct checkout link provided in chat.

Su Extendons WhatsApp Assistant

Give your customers the facility to initiate a WhatsApp chat without any hesitation with WhatsApp Assistant App. Display 'WhatsApp Assistant' button on multiple pages such as products, collections, and cart. Add an official WhatsApp contact number to ensure the potential customers are discussing a product with the right person. You can further facilitate the users in discussion with prefilled messages so that they can drop a message with a click. Exclude specific products and collections to avoid users asking about them. Use different customization options for the WhatsApp button and popup. Customers can get a link in WhatsApp to quickly checkout or schedule the draft order deletions.


  • Add Discuss on WhatsApp button to Store
  • Display it on Product, Collection, and Cart Page
  • Provide an Official WhatsApp number
  • Exclude specific products or collections
  • Compose prefilled messages for Customers
  • Personalize WhatsApp button and popup
  • Schedule draft orders deletion

Encourage Customer Discussion on Store

By adding a 'Discuss on WhatsApp' button on the store, you can invite useful and productive queries from potential customers that serve as qualified leads.

Display WhatsApp Button on Multiple pages

You can choose the ‘Discuss on WhatsApp’ button to appear on products, collections, and cart pages. Select as it seems suitable.

Add Official WhatsApp Number

Provide an official WhatsApp number that is managed by the focal person of the store so that all the queries are dealt with care and timely manner.

Exclude Some of the Products

You can set aside some of the products or collection items from displaying the 'WhatsApp Assistant' button.

Prefilled Messages for Customers

You can compose prefilled messages for the customers so they can click and send a message. You can write custom text as starting and ending messages.

Personalize WhatsApp Button

You can change the label, background color, and text color of the WhatsApp button to mold its display according to the desired goal.

Modify the Design of Popup/Model

The app provides exclusive customization options for the popup. From changing different labels to background and text color, you can design a completely new popup for your store.

Delete Draft Orders Automatically

You can schedule the deletion of draft orders that are created on behalf of customers but are not fulfilled. You can set its frequency as daily or weekly, choose a time, or configure deletion after specific hours of its creation.

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