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5. Mai 2017

Works as promised! Got 17% conversion rate, 60 new emails captured on the first day. Up about 400%! Also I love that different rewards can have a set probability, so if you want people to win more of a specific discount, it's possible.

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21. August 2017

Well Worth Every Dollar. I get 16%+ Opt in rate to exit intent traffic and a lot end up buying. This app is a game changer. If you don't have this on your shopify store you're seriously missing out.

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27. August 2017

This is the REAL wheelio and the best out there. Amazing app, super simple to set up and way better then any copies.

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Bearbeitet am 23. Februar 2022

2022 REVIEW: We collected many thousands of good prospects with this app. A great developer and we'll be looking for what else the app maker offers; on this one, though, we did find another option that gives almost all the same features and integrates better with our Klaviyo account. Please note that I would give this app 5 stars overall, but the last 6 months we were being charged monthly after the developer turned off the application's "live" status to a "draft campaign" during an app refresh. I'm sure they probably emailed us about it saying we needed to take some action to continue using the app with new features...but if so, we never saw it. The $90 in charges over 6 months for an app that wasn't working isn't a big deal...but the 1000 subscribers we should have collected over that time with Wheelio activated kind of is. Discovering that failure on the app's part is the only reason we started looking for a replacement. ORIGINAL REVIEW: We get an additional 2.3 new subscribers for every 100 visitors every day without fail than we got from the same amount of traffic and alternative popups. We're still in the 6 figures of annual traffic but if and when we grow our store to millions of annual visitors that same percentage of extra subscribers will be hugely valuable. As it is now, we're paying about 17 cents to capture a subscriber. That works at ROI and at scale for us. Thanks Wheelio. Oh yeah, the holiday theme defaults absolutely rock. You can see the current Halloween one on right now...if you dare try to leave the website. IDEA: Allow us conversion pirate Wheelio users to "opt in" to a feature via on/off toggle that means I am OKing Wheelio to CHANGE ITSELF during certain dates to match a holiday theme. For example, October 10 through November 2 the Halloween theme is automatically switched to, and February 27 to March 20 the St Patricks Day one etc. The need to change the theme manually is hard to remember for a busy business owner, if you don't yet have a fulltime marketing or IT staff with annual/monthly procedures. 5 stars all the way.

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26. April 2017

Works good so far lots of new people dropping their emails and some sales.

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22. Mai 2017

Great App. Over 12% conversion rate and super easy to setup and use.

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9. Februar 2017

Our opt-in rate went from 1.5% to close to 10%. This is a fantastic app, fun for everyone involved, we've gotten compliments from users.

I worry at some point the shine may wear off but I trust the developer is creative enough to keep more coming!

I highly recommend this app.

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12. Januar 2021

Wheelio did an update for old user and that is something you can be unaware of what your conversion will look liked! Fortunately the team guided old user like me to actually feel alright as the new pop up feature does amazing result. By far the best gamification app on shopify.

Kangaroo Buddy
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15. September 2017

Just installed the app, but it looks amazing and I have heard that it helps boost conversion rates. Excited to try it out. Installation was easy.

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25. September 2017

If you want to boost your conversions look no further and accept no imitations!

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