Original Wheelio spin pop‑ups

Original Wheelio spin pop‑ups

開發者:IT Trading d.o.o.

Create a totally custom gamified pop-up for Email & SMS & FB

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Most advanced features

We do have the most features possible, but that doesn't mean the app is hard to use. You need 10 minutes and you are ready to conquer.

Collecting different leads

The only tool on the market that allows you to collect email, SMS numbers, messenger and Push notification leads with use of gamification.

Multiple gamification options

You can use Wheelio, Rollie (slotmachine) or Scratchy (scratch card) to elevate your lead generation to a new dimension. Change it up!

有關 Original Wheelio spin pop‑ups

Welcome to the worlds first interactive / gamified EXIT POP-UP and Facebook Messenger subscription POP-UP

What does interactive / gamified mean?

It means that you can forget the classic annoying exit pop-ups, that offer you worthless 10% coupons in exchange for your email. What do you mean worthless? Its simple, do you use them (personally) on other sites? Not really, right? So, why do you think that other users will use them on your site?

How does it work

The logic behind Wheelio is really simple. Gamefication is the key to getting the users more relaxed and more likely to engage with our pop-up. When a visitor is confronted with an ordinary pop-up window, he doesnt feel like he really won something or that he has a chance to win something in return for his email. When a visitor is confronted with Wheelio, he feels like there is genuine chance that he could win big, so the perception of the coupon is multiplied and the value of the coupon skyrockets.

Because acquisition of users is expensive and getting more expensive by the day. It doesn't matter if you use Google Adwords, Facebook or any other ads channel you pay for a user to visit your site. Your end goal is not the visit, but an actual purchase. And if your end goal doesn't happen in the first visit, you are throwing your money away.

Bottom Line - Why use Wheelio?

You are paying for the traffic and why would you simply leave the money on the table. Majority of your visitors will not convert (buy) on the first interaction and if you let them leave without an email or messenger opt-in they are lost for you. If they leave one of the contacts, you have a few more opportunities to offer them something special and close the deal. Make them your customers, even if they wanted to leave your site.

Multiple gamification options

Wheelio, Rollie (slot machine) and Scratchy (scratch card)

Dynamic coupons with direct to checkout injection for higher conversion rates

Email validation & Duplicate prevention

The only popup that offers email validation at an affordable price. We buy in bulk, so we can offer prices like that and make your list as healthy as possible.

Google compliance & GDPR

Fully compliant with Google wishes and completely save to use. Fully GDPR compliant with a data protection officer on board.

Triggers (how the app appears) - most advanced on the market by far * Exit popup trigger (Desktop & Mobile) * Time trigger * Tab trigger * Scroll length * On events such as click or on buttons * Notification Pop-up

Custom Background


Manage and track everything that happens. A/B split testing.


  • Anywhere on the site. Controlled via our admin interface

Multiple themes and Integrations (Email services, SMS and Messenger)


  • recart,
  • klaviyo,
  • pushowl,
  • postscript,
  • omnisend,
  • sms bump

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Basic plan

每月 $14.92

Same price until 30.000 impressions each month

  • We have no limitations on features for all plans.

  • Pricing is based on your actual usage - fair pricing for all

  • More than enough for anyone

Level 2

每月 $29.92

Price until 60.000 impressions each month

  • We have no limitations on features for all plans.

  • Pricing is based on your actual usage - fair pricing for all

Level 3

每月 $54.92

Price until 100.000 impressions each month

  • We have no limitations on features for all plans.

  • Pricing is based on your actual usage - fair pricing for all

Level 4

每月 $109.92

Price until 250.000 impressions each month

  • We have no limitations on features for all plans.

  • Pricing is based on your actual usage - fair pricing for all

  • Larger usage - check website

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4.8 5 顆星

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DFS Shop-Singapore

Helpful support team - willing to go out of the way to create customisable solutions. App works well for basic gamification needs.


by far the most impressive gamified app wheel I have used on my store! I have used this app for over a month now and it's aesthetic is absolutely AMAZING!
I had 8% of the subscribers I have now when I first started with Wheelio, and my conversion rate was literally 1-2% MAX and with Wheelio vs other Gamified apps i've used, I have seen my conversion rate of ATC's go up about 5x every store I use this application on. If you're looking for an app which has presets, a great look ,easy to use and set up, I'm talking like , I'm continuously amazed by this Application, Wheelio has really set the bar high for Gamified pop ups and it was the first one so that really makes me understand why it's such a high converter, with time they have made this app literally a behemoth of an amazing top 10 shopify app I would use, if you are new to shopify which I would recommend over other hosts for your shop, then my favorite in my top even 3 apps without making your costs too high would be to download this gamified pop up ap, wheelio never ceases to amaze me, from store to store, they have fast support, always helpful , multiple different games so that you can capture email, phone, and any information. Multiple integrations,a and I mean, I cant believe it, it's really a spectacle of an application!!!!!! I will always be a shopify, and wheelio uiser, all the other gamified pop ups look so bad to the user, and I see maybe 3% of the conversions Isee compared to the ones I see with Wheelio THANK YOU TO WHEELIO!!! THE WHOLE TEAM! It changed my store from a small time store to a huge store, and continues to do the same for every store. If you're new to Shopify, or a user looking for a gamified pop up app, or top 10 recommend, top 5, even the only application for data collection of users so you can do marketing on shopify, this is by far the best one to use. TRUST Me, and thank me later by checking my site out!



What an amazing thing to read, thank you from the whole team! <3

RHM Tuning

Yes it is ugly, yes I hate websites who have it, yes it may look gimmicky...but deep down, it increases conversions and works!



Hi, thank you for the review! You should look at our new design, it looks great! Available to test on wheelio-app.com ;)