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Wheelio - World First Interactive Exit Intent Pop-up

Wheelio - World First Interactive Exit Intent Pop-up

Developed by IT Trading d.o.o.

387 reviews
Price: $14.92 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Lead generation on steroids. World first interactive exit intent pop-up that makes the customer feel special. They spin, you win.
  • Direct sales high impact app. Improves your overall conversion rate, using coupons and discounts in a NEW different way.
  • Trigger popups using exit intent (mobile & desktop), time on site (scroll), TAB trigger and placement (URL specific) or site-wide. Fully customisable (multi-lingual).

To test Wheelio LIVE, visit our test Shopify store: Click here!

What is new?

Update: 100% GDPR Compliant with IP auto detection - shows the optin only if the user is from EU regulated countries.

Update: Added a email service integration with MarketHero..

Update: Added a new Christmas animated theme.

Update: Wheelio supports Messenger only acquisition. World first.
Also added a new scarcity bar to bump up the conversion.

Update: Wheelio can now auto inject coupon codes to the checkout and improve your overall experience.

Update: Wheelio now integrates with Sendlane.

Update: Wheelio can now capture Messenger leads and works with Recart on acquisition of Messenger users. Awesome big update right here!

Update: Wheelio can now auto integrate with an email service provider -
Conversio & Active Campaign.

Update: Our users have collected more than 10.000.000 emails!

Update: Wheelio can now recover cart abandoners. We have partnered with Recart!

Update: Wheelio can now auto integrate with an email service provider -

Update: PRO Version launched:

  • Email validation - We use the best outside service on the market today, 10.000 validations per month in included in the PRO package.

  • Email duplicate prevention - You can even turn it on for specific campaigns.

  • Email segmentation - Segment your emails based on the URL the email was collected. Great for niche stores and really segmented lists.

  • Campaigns - Create campaigns and you can test and check analytics for each campaign separately. Includes also county and device stats.

  • Custom Fields - Easily add name fields, custom text fields, number fields, address fields, opt-in forms, collect any data you need!

  • Advanced analytics - Check stats for a specific day, month, range, date, campaign - with device and country stats.

  • ★ World first interactive / gamified EXIT POP-UP ★

    What does interactive / gamified mean?

    It means that you can forget the classic annoying exit pop-ups, that offer you worthless 10% coupons in exchange for your email. What do you mean worthless? Its simple, do you use them on other sites? Not really, right?

    Well, in the eyes of visitors, a free coupon is the same as no coupon. Interaction equals engagement and engagement is key to a happy customer. If a customer feels special, the customer is more likely to make a purchase. Its simple psychology. If someone stops you on the street and gives you a free pamphlet with 10% off if you buy on stand, you arent really attracted to that offer. But what if someone gave you a chance to win the discount? The perception of the coupon suddenly becomes more appealing.

    How does it work?

    The logic behind Wheelio is really simple. Gamefication is the key to getting the users more relaxed and more likely to engage with our pop-up. When a visitor is confronted with an ordinary pop-up window, he doesnt feel like he really won something or that he has a chance to win something in return for his email. When a visitor is confronted with Wheelio, he feels like there is genuine chance that he could win big, so the perception of the coupon is multiplied and the value of the coupon skyrockets.

    Because acquisition of users is expensive and getting more expensive by the day. It doesn't matter if you use Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Yahoo,… you pay for a user to visit your site. Your end goal is not the visit, but an actual purchase. And if your end goal doesn't happen in the first visit, you are throwing your money away.

    What are the numbers?

    We have more than 6000 users and the results are amazing. More than amazing.

    Industry average capture rates are from 0.5% - 2%. Our users have an average capture rate of 12% across the board. Some of them even hit 30% capture rate, which is more than amazing.

    How about direct sales numbers?

    This is were it gets even better. Wheelio generates an incentive to buy, the customer perception of the coupon is different from a standard pop-up. Customer feels like he won the coupon, and his perception of the coupon is much higher than normal, so is his usage rate of the coupon itself. Simple, right?

    Also the numbers on average confirm that 10% of the users that spin the wheel use the coupon code received on the checkout.

    Is that it? Anything else?

    No, not really. The whole point of the gathered emails is to be used. The best sales are the one that happen on the backend. With all the emails you capture with Wheelio, you can use them in your weekly email offers and convert them over and over again.

    Your greatest asset is your email list and only a few good store owners really understand why. You don't need to pay for the acquisition, you already paid for these users and they are your customers. They are your bread & butter.

    NEW functions:

    Free product giveaway. A lot of users are giving away free products and Wheelio can do just that. You can now select if your winning slice is a coupon or a product. Simply select the product you want to giveaway for free and upload an image you want to show on the winning side of Wheelio. When a user wins the product and Clicks on the button, he will be redirected to the URL you provided (product). This is great for the so called "Pay only shipping campaigns".

    ✓ Try Wheelio - FREE for 7 days

    LIVE WHEELIO ON a TEST SITE: Click here!

    How did we come up with this idea?

    Well, the power of Wheel of fortune tool is well known among old marketers and so is the power of (exit) pop-ups. When you merge something good together, it usually ends up even better. This was also the case for Wheelio. By combining two very powerful marketing tools, we created an even better one.

    Where can you place the Wheelio?

    You can place the Wheelio site-wide or on a specific URL. This enables you to do different kind of promotions on your site. You can even exclude certain URLs, where you dont want Wheelio to be shown. (cart, special promotions,…)

    How is Wheelio triggered?

    You can chose between exit intent trigger (desktop), scroll intent trigger (mobile), time on site (seconds) trigger and also the NEW TAB trigger. You can even use the combination of different triggers for maximum exposure.Exit intent: When the visitor tries to leave your site.
    Scroll exit intent (mobile): When a user scrolls down on the mobile device and suddenly scrolls back up.
    Time on site: Select a timer on each visit.NEW - Tab trigger: A small button like tab on the left part of your site, that wiggles and alerts a user that something special is in line, if only he clicks on the tab. When he does, Wheelio appears.

    How do I know that Wheelio works as good as you say?

    Analytics. You can see the stats in your backend and stats never lie. Stats are connected to your site and they are shown live. We are the only app that offers real time statistics.

    What do I do with all the emails?

    You can connect Wheelio to some of the biggest email softwares, such as MailChimp, AWeber, Klaviyo, Remarkety, Conversio, Active Campaign. Now you have an automated funnel in place and can use those emails whenever you wish. I suggest you setup a special auto campaign just for Wheelio users and use custom tailored content for them. They already feel special, make them feel even more special.

    The worst thing you could do is not to use the emails collected. They are yours for the taking.

    Frequently asked questions

  • Is Wheelio responsive?

  • Yes, fully responsive. It looks great on any device.
  • Does it work on mobile intent?

  • Absolutely, Wheelio works also on mobile (scroll) intent.
  • Is Wheelio compatible with all Shopify themes

  • Yes, Wheelio works with all themes.
  • How can I export the mails?
  • Wheelio can be integrated with some of the biggest mail softwares, such as MailChimp, AWeber, Klaviyo, Remarkety, Conversio, Active Campaign. If your email software is not one of those, you can export them manually from the backend with a click of a button.
  • Can I change the colours/texts?

  • You can customise the Wheelio to reflect your web-shop look.
  • What if the customer forgets the coupon code?

  • You can enable a floating bottom bar with the coupon code that will appear after Wheelio has been closed. There is also a countdown timer for the coupon duration, so we create subtle pressure on the customer (urgency).
  • If a user visits my store again, will he see Wheelio again?

  • No, you have a cookie duration setting and can enter the duration you wish. We recommend 30 days or more.But you can also at any time clear all the cookies related to Wheelio.
  • Can I use Wheelio on a non-english site?

  • Yes, you can translate all the texts on the Wheelio to your desired language.

    You need help with installation or are facing problems?

    No worries. We are here for you. Totally FREE. Drop us an email at info@conversionpirate.com
    We also have in app support chat, you can contact us at any time.

    What do I recommend?

    If a user is on your page for longer time periods (time on site) he is interested in something and if a pop-up appears in that time and looks totally random, there is a very high chance that the user will engage with it and use the coupon afterwards.

    We tested this theory on sites and had more than 50% capture rates. For maximum performance use both exit intent and time on site (check Google Analytics for your average bounce time and set a few seconds before that happens).


    For feature requests, questions and support on the Wheelio App you can contact us via info@conversionpirate.com or if you just want to say hello. We are here for you.

    Facebook group for support and questions: Click here to join!

    Also our World famous pirate blog is full of interesting e-commerce content and tips/tricks. Be sure to visit conversionpirate.com

    We have an article written just for lead generation and what to do with emails after you have acquired them. It really is an interesting and really useful read. Click here to enjoy some e-commerce knowledge.


    Wheelio is really simple to use. You simply have to style the visuals to match your site, upload your logo and edit texts to your liking. When you have done this, use the preview button to see how Wheelio will look on your site. If you are happy with the result, you just have to chose the triggers and placement of the Wheelio.

    Remember: You need to create discount coupons in the default Shopify area and later paste them to Wheelio. We only distribute them.


  • exit intent (desktop & mobile)

  • time on site (desktop & mobile)

  • NEW TAB trigger
  • Placement:

  • Throughout site

  • Specific URL
  • Recommended settings for time on site are:
    Check you Google Analytics and find a metric called average time on site and be sure to select a lower time period. If your average time on site (s) is 50sec., select 40sec.

    If you follow these simple steps, you are good to go! All is left for you to do is to click on the “ENABLE Wheelio” button and enjoy your fresh email and sales.

    Facebook group for support and questions: Click here to join!

    Wheelio - World First Interactive Exit Intent Pop-up reviews

    387 reviews
    1. 5 stars (355 reviews)
    2. 4 stars (13 reviews)
    3. 3 stars (4 reviews)
    4. 2 stars (5 reviews)
    5. 1 star (10 reviews)

    stat interface not great, minimal ability to customize. Seems like there are alot of improvements that could make it so much better and more effective.

    Still does seem to help drive list building and conversions.


    First is best in this case! Great app


    Many cool features and design options!


    Wheelio now turns into a website speed killer. Makes all that loading slow as hell. I guess Ill never use again


    Awesome app. Recommended to me by somebody I trust when it comes to developing successful eCommerce stores. They were spot on. So happy I trusted them and Wheelio!


    Wheelio is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIVE STARS +


    Excellent pour rattraper les clients indécis.....bravo


    Great app!. Does what it says it can do and then some. Good addition to any e-commerce site.


    A very powerful apps. Do no hesitate with it


    The one and only. Amazing results with this app!

    $14.92 / month

    Try the app for FREE for the first 7 days! After that it's less than one average sale per month.
    Now with PRO upgrade for 54.92$ monthly - Also comes with a 7 day FREE trial

    7 days

    Support & Sales

    IT Trading d.o.o.
    +386 31 335 070
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