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  • The ultimate lead generation machine - capture more data and sell more
  • Completely free
  • Trigger custom pop ups that turns traffic with exit intent into quick sales

The power of WheelPop

Let's say Susan is browsing your store. She's scrolling through your products and adding them to her cart. Susan decides to leave your site before check out. As Susan is about to click away, a WheelPop pop-up flashes across her screen. This interactive pop-up allows Susan to spin a wheel for promotions like 15% off or free shipping. Susan enters her email address and spins the wheel. The wheel lands at 15% off and Susan immediately completes her purchase. You have now not only saved a sale, but have earned Susan's email address to add to your email list. This provides the ability to remarket to Susan and keep her coming back as a routine customer.

Why WheelPop?

WheelPop innovates the world of growing your email subscriber database and creating quick sales to traffic that would have otherwise abandoned your site. Through gamification, Wheelpop creates a fun pop up that will grow conversion rates with metrics well beyond the standard popup.

With these powerful features, we have created the ultimate email capture app to rapidly increase your store's growth

How does this work?

WheelPop makes the user feel like they are exclusive. A fully customizable prize wheel pops up prompting the user to enter their email address to spin the wheel. From here, the wheel spins and lands on an offer that you created while designing your WheelPop that can be used at check out. This means you have now earned the sale AND have obtained the user's email address to further market to in the future.

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It would be a great app but email collecting doesn't work and delay function is also a bit buggy. Developer doesn't respond to my emails :(
For now it's useless. Hope they fix it asap.

(i will change my review when the app is fixed)


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