PopUp ‑ Coupon, UpSell, Survey

PopUp ‑ Coupon, UpSell, Survey

開發者:GoldenGate Tech

Retain users and Increase ROI,Auto discount,Recommend products

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Sell More With Powerful PopUps

All popups you need in one place to collect more emails, convert more sales. Easy setup, no coding needed.

Retain users and Increase ROI

Retain users, reduce traffic costs, and increase ROI; collect email addresses and create subscribers.

Upsell and Survey

Recommend products at key points, get more purchases, and increase customer unit prices;Collect user feedback, optimize and improve.

有關 PopUp ‑ Coupon, UpSell, Survey

Trigger Popups for Survey and Discount based on actions. You can define trigger combinations as detailed below:

  1. The user can use the following three steps to customize a simple buyer action flow: (1) On certain page; (2) Do something; (3) Trigger Action; Somewhere can be any product page, any collection page, shopping cart Page; or some special product page, special collection page, the home page, pay succeeded page; Do something can be the user leaving the current page or staying on the page for a certain period of time; Trigger action will execute the final set behavior, such as to pop-up automatic discount coupons or a survey, upsell products window.

  2. Provide a fully customized Coupon, Survey design interface; users can freely design Coupon, Survey, and support any language display.

  3. For any Action pop-up window, such as Coupon, Survey, Recommend Products(UpSell) provides data statistics and analysis. Coupon also comes with its own Email collection function, which can add subscribers to the store.

  4. All functions are multi-language design, so it is very easy to support multiple languages.

Provide trigger combinations (buyer action flows)

When the user comes in:

(1) Any product detail page (landing page)

(2) Any collection page (collections page)

(3) Shopping cart

(4) Special product detail page

(5) Special collection page

(6) Home page

(7) Pay successed page

User does this action:

(1) Leave current page (click back button or sweep finger)

(2) Stay on the page some seconds

(3) Scroll to page bottom

(4) Add To Cart

Then to trigger action:

(1) Pop Up Coupon (Apply to Entire Order)

(2) Pop Up the Survey

(3) Recommended Products (Upsell)

P.S. We provide long-term technical support, simple function updates do not charge any fees. We really like the interaction with users, any suggestions, and problem feedback, we will fix them as quickly as possible.



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  • All Exit Pop-up, Coupon, Survey customize features
  • All user behavior customization
  • Data analytics


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  • Unlimited actions
  • All Exit Pop-up, Coupon, Survey customize features
  • All user behavior customization
  • Upsell
  • Data analytics

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I used this app to help me to generate automatic discount coupons and do surveys. very nice, good job.