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12. december 2023

Wonderment is now our go-to Shopify app, an absolute essential for any store. Thousands of shipments later, and we've yet to receive a single customer support ticket for order updates, thanks to Wonderment's proactive triggers.

Special kudos to Sivan for going above and beyond during our integration. Her expertise ensured a seamless and tailored success. Wonderment's features, combined with Sivan's exceptional support, make it a five-star, must-have solution for any Shopify store!

3 måneder bruger appen
6. december 2023

We've had an incredible experience with Wonderment. not only has it drastically improved our customer experience with transactional and post-purchase messaging, but it drives revenue and helps us "brand" previously unbranded experiences. Plus, it's awesome to have all of the flows in Klaviyo (Wonderment team 100% built them out for us and all we had to do was give feedback and a green light).

Speaking on behalf of Rejuvia and 1-800-D2C, can't reccommend the wonderment platform and team enough!

Cirka 2 måneder bruger appen
5. december 2023

Great app with comprehensive tracking page and flows to create a great customer experience. Team is amazing as well!

For Wellness
Mere end et år bruger appen
9. oktober 2023

A really great way to provide transparency to customers while also reducing the amount of emails people send asking "where's my order??" Julie in particular was helpful in getting our theme looking great and the team is quite responsive. I love having the klaviyo integration which sends notifications to customers about their order's journey.

Popov Leather®
Mere end 2 år bruger appen
18. oktober 2023

We love that we are now able to provide our customers with tracking details and updates following their purchase. Set up with Klaviyo was a simple and straightforward process. Additionally, our email flows have been highly effective in encouraging customers to place additional orders.

NBT Clothing
5 måneder bruger appen
7. november 2023

We just migrated over from Malomo and have been blown away by the hands-on help we've received from the Wonderment team (Sivan!). Very on the ball to make sure the email flows and actual on-site experience are firing correctly and on-brand. Highly recommend this team!

21 dage bruger appen
3. oktober 2023

Great to have a dashboard and reporting to surface problems with carriers and operations. Love having a tracking page on the store for customers to see status. Using the Klaviyo integration to segment customers as well. Super helpful team made getting set up a breeze!

Green Lumber
11 måneder bruger appen
3. oktober 2023

An awesome app and an awesome team behind it! Onboarding was fast and painless, and Wonderment has allowed us both to keep our customers engaged by providing up-to-date tracking information and to address any shipping problems that come up before customers are even aware that there's an issue.

Magic Mind
7 måneder bruger appen
3. oktober 2023

Wonderment has been an absolute game changer for how we interact with our customers by providing them with a world-class experience when we reach out to them proactively with order delivery issues before they even know there's a delay.
Wonderment provides us with insights at-a-glance that has changed our CX world!

Elevated Craft
6 måneder bruger appen
3. oktober 2023

Excellent app with an excellent team. The on-branded tracking page experience is an excellent and germane way to stand out in today's difficult and historically overcrowded ecommerce market.

Cirka et år bruger appen