Whiplash Fulfillment

Whiplash Fulfillment

by Whiplash

Modern e-commerce fulfillment, built to scale.

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Urban Edc Supply

Whiplash is excellent! We’ve been using them since from day 1 of launching and I couldn’t be happier with how we’ve been able to scale with their technology. The Shopify integration is phenomenal, and their friendly staff is there to help out whenever you run into any issues. Customer service is high on our priority list for our customers, and the Whiplash team has been ever so flexible and accommodating to our needs. I would highly recommend them for your fulfillment needs. Thank you Whiplash!

Oro Publishers

Bad experience with Whiplash. Expect some bad attitude and rude manners. They have a nice and friendly Marketing but I can't say the same from their people.


Working with Whiplash has been a great experience. The Whiplash back-end has all the technology in place that you need. An intelligent interface, full access to all your data, etc. But to me, the best part of my Whiplash experience so far has been their customer support. In my experiences in the Shopify app world, support is key for making your apps work for you and do the work that you need done. I had tons of up-front questions and the Whiplash support reps have been exceptional. Available and knowledgeable. Exactly what you want when you have that burning question. Highly recommended!!


Working with Whiplash has been easy, I use their warehouses in USA and UK. When I've needed their help, their customer service team have been responsive (by email and messaging). Often when I've needed help it's been to get a report which I've later learned is available on the web-portal. Before working with Whiplash I had terrible experiences with 2 other fulfillment services, I've been with them for over a year now, I'd choose them again.


Steer very, very clear of this fulfillment service. I used them for two weeks, and they've already cost me countless revenue in broken products and lost customers.

I started using Whiplash right before a sale. The sale was a huge success, and I sold out of almost everything. Then I noticed that there were about 25 open orders in Shopify that weren't imported into Whiplash. These orders were sprinkled randomly throughout the sale, and there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to them.

Turns out, because Whiplash controls inventory (they track it and push it live to Shopify) and Whiplash didn't sync those 25 orders correctly, I oversold product by quite a bit and had to then go to my customers and let them know they'd bought a product I said was in stock but was actually sold out.

As if that wasn't bad enough, shortly after the sale, I started getting emails from customers with pictures of their packages. I sell skincare products, so they are mostly small, delicate bottles - these photos were of large cardboard boxes with the products, a packing slip, and literally nothing else. No padding, no peanuts, nothing.

I of course immediately took these concerns to their customer service. They didn't respond to my concerns for a full day, at which point I decided to cut my losses and let them know I'd be leaving Whiplash. What followed was the most bizarre customer service experience I've ever had.

The customer service manager told me that I had changed the settings in Shopify and that's why the orders didn't sync (first of all, I didn't change any settings, but even if I had, it wouldn't account for this specific issue). She said my customers were lying when they sent me photos of their boxes (oh, wait, she was sure to clarify that she wasn't calling them liars, just that Whiplash would never have packed a box like that so they must have forged the photos, which is different than calling them liars, somehow). She refused to even cover shipping to get what little product I had left back from the warehouse.

I'm a small, new business, and I can't take too many setbacks like that. It was a very expensive lesson in making sure I research and vet any potential business partners. Learn from my mistake and stay as far away from this company as you can.

Bigshot Toystore

Whiplash has provided excellent service in every facet of their operation. We did a lot of research before we decided that Whiplash had the best features and services for our Shopify shop. A superb solution for small manufacturers like us who also sell their items at retail. We literally could not do this without Whiplash. From receiving, to warehousing, to organization, to CS, to fulfillment and even returns, they handle everything with ease.


Whiplash has been instrumental in the growth of the two shops that I run on Shopify. Both are using Whiplash warehousing and fulfillment. It's seamless, easy, customer service is readily available, everything is so easy. There is literally no way I would be in the position I am in now without Whiplash services. Highly recommended, cannot be stated more enthusiastically! A++++

California Cowboy

We are loving Whiplash and are very satisfied and impressed with the service and the experience overall. Our account rep, Heather McCormick has been insanely awesome and an amazing resource and aid for us, I wanted to recognize her personally and let you know that she has done an outstanding job helping us get set up and run smoothly. Her quick consistency in response and in-depth ability to help in so many different ways has harbored and amazing experience for us overall. A+ to both!


Easy and Simple
I love how easy it is to install and set up this application. It is also easy to manipulate all the nice features. Indeed, it’s great to finally find a good product management solution that actually works fine.

Nori Lights

Whiplash is amazing. They have transformed our business, and I can't thank them enough. Their customer support is very quick to reply, and they are just great at what they do. It was a little scary at first when we decided to ship our inventory to another company that we did not know much about. But I am so glad we did. The admin pages can be a little confusing sometimes, especially when you first start working with them, but like I said, their customer support is excellent and ready to answer any questions that you may have. If you are not currently using whiplash to manage your inventory and handle shipping your orders, then you are missing out on a top notch service that is dedicated to helping you succeed. Thank you so much Whiplash. We are big fans.