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Whiplash Invoices

Whiplash Invoices

Developed by Whiplash

Price: Free – $6.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • View a summary of open orders, including the products needed
  • Print invoices or packing slips in batches up to 100
  • Cut the time of printing invoices by up to 95% over one at a time.

When processing a large number of orders, printing invoices one at a time just doesn't fly. Whiplash Invoices grabs relevant orders from your Shopify store and presents them in a clean, easy to read list. Hundreds of orders in your store? Not a problem-- you can step through your invoices and print in batches of 100 no matter how much business your store is doing.

See a summary of your orders that need to ship, including the address and products needed. Click "Print Invoices" and get this-- You get invoices, one to a page, easy as pie.

Customize the invoice to include a footer message, company logo, currency format, or switch between an invoice and packing slip.

Upgrade for $6.99 per month and get full control over your CSS and layout, just like the theme for your Shopify store.

This is a simple app to help you spend less time packing orders, and more time making sales.

Whiplash Invoices reviews (23)


This is a smasing app for printing invoices in bulk.

I have been using another app for this but I think I'm going to switch over after my trial.



Great little app. It does exactly what it says. Only downside is You can not reprint an invoice on the free version. Once you fulfill and order That is it no way to print the invoice again. Hope they resolve that bit to complete the perfect app


I can't believe how often we tried other invoicing apps. After trying this out for a little while, we finally have stopped looking for that perfect invoicing app because we've found it!!!


This app is alright. I tried the free version first, to see if it would work without customization - and it's just okay. Yes it will print an invoice that's usable, but there are some downsides. For example once you've printed an invoice you can't reprint it - that's a pain! I'm using OrderlyPrint instead now


Whiplash is very versatile and can be modified to do a lot. James at Whiplash helped me customize the invoices in a way that reduced a lot of extra printing and work. He was easy to work with and very professional. Thanks, James!


See all the green smileys on this page? Well... there's an app for that! lol, okay there's a reason for all these smileys and it's cuz this app does as promised and SAVES TIME! For me the printing & processing of invoices is the least fave task of running a store. Especially when things get BUSY. But this app is great, I'm hooked, and the task has just become less daunting. Really.


It is great to print in Bulk...

But is there a way to control which items are printed on the packing slip?

For example, sometimes we run out of an item, but I can't find a way to remove a missing item from the packing slip, or to adjust the price total.... So I have to mark the packing slip manually. Not good.

Does Whiplash have such features?? I can't find them...


HUGE time saver. Great to have Liquid templates now.


I agree with the comments wrt "...better than PixelPrinter"

Would like a few more options:
1) print the whole list as a list,
2) mark as fulfilled and closed
3) copy address into cut-paste buffer button.


Great app for printing a bunch of invoices at once. Was using PixelPrinter, but I found this worked a lot better.

Free – $6.99 / month
30 days

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