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Redigeret 2. februar 2024

I don't know what happened. The app stopped working for any customer outside of the US and I couldn't get any help with it. Had to switch apps. Ended up going with Regios which is working with Shopify much better.

I've really loved this app mostly because our company has perk membership and we can easily create sales for those customers tagged with our special designations. I came across and issue where the discounts were not rounding properly (if the discount came to $1.995 it should be $2 but it would come up $1.99 - our customers noticed) and contacted their support. They fixed the issue within a few days. I find this impressive as I've asked for help on lots of apps and platforms and got the run around. Not with this app. They responded, kept me updated, fixed the issue, and then sent me a video showing me that they got it working. 5 stars.

I do have a couple suggestions. 1. Coupon codes. Some of our special members are promised special coupons. I'm discovered this is an issue on shopify. Not with this app but in general.

2. More customization with free shipping. I don't know how but since we use live shipping, I'd love to give a free shipping method so that all shipping methods aren't "free". We want to give free cheap shipping not 2nd Day UPS. This issue comes up in all discount options on shopify. I don't think anyone out there has thought of this.

Also, part of me suspects now that the thoughts are out there this app will solve them.

Chalcedon Store
Cirka et år bruger appen
28. september 2023

I had the pleasure of working with Max Lee and can only share positive feedback. He set up the "Wholesale all in one" app for me and truly demonstrated his expertise. What stood out to me was his prompt responsiveness whenever errors arose. His commitment and expertise made the entire process smooth and efficient. I am extremely satisfied with his work and highly recommend his services!

5 måneder bruger appen
13. december 2023

Great app that allows great discount flexibility specifically with Item Number Specific Discounts. Great customer service and fast fix of bugs.

Partner Webshop Master
Cirka 20 timer bruger appen
8. december 2023

One of the best apps in shopify store, I'm incredibly grateful for the seamless and user-friendly experience provided by this service. It truly reflects the success of both the app and the dedicated team behind it. Thank you for such an exceptional service!

Wallsmark INC
En dag bruger appen
21. november 2023

App is well performing and the support team is excellent! Five Stars!!

8 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 10. februar 2024

This app is fantastic

South Bay Hardware
3 dage bruger appen
23. oktober 2023

Does the job and technical support is prompt and friendly.

Maxiblock Sunscreen Australia
10 måneder bruger appen
20. november 2023

Max is great and provides fantastic service promptly every time.

Tammi Home
4 måneder bruger appen
29. september 2023

Horrible customer service! I did not receive a response for days and then when I did it was automated and clearly did not actually read my request. I deleted the app and then tried again because I really wanted some of the functions and the price was good but again had horrible customer service. No response. Very frustrating and not worth the money AT ALL

Doc D's Apothecary
5 dage bruger appen
6. august 2023

Hello we add the app to our Shopify account and now we need ASAP help to integrate the app, so my company can use it as fast as possible. There are many many B2B customers from us that are already switching to the competition because the wholesale functions are not working. Please help us to integrate the app as fast as possible. Right now we are losing thousands of euros on a daily basis. We will appreciate your help a lot and I hope that you can support and prioritize us, regarding the app integration.

You already got the access to our Shopify account. I hope you can help us to complete our B2B online store in the fastest possible way.

My Candytown
Cirka 18 timer bruger appen