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20. oktober 2021

Great service, helped setup an embedded wholesale form and were quick in replying to any queries. thanks!

Shisha Wholesale Hub
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Cirka et år
13. oktober 2021

This team is amazing. I had a handful of edits and customizations I asked for over a couple of weeks. They just kept delivering over and over again. I highly recommend this app and this group.

Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Cirka et år
1. oktober 2021

I've been using this app for awhile. It works great, and the support staff is very helpful if you have any questions.

Revival Ink
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Cirka 2 år
Redigeret 28. september 2021

The app functions the same as described. The customer support Max is very helpful on the technical side, he solved my issues in a timely manner and answered my questions thoroughly,

Kimdoly Beads
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 2 måneder
11. september 2021

As a wholesale only business, we needed to find a way to enable our business to operate online, wholesale only. It was difficult - until we found this app from Digitalcoo. Since starting with WAIO in April, we have had many optimisation conversations, additional features and even theme changes. All with the support of the Digitalcoo team. We even have asked about features we cant find elsewhere, or even from Ëxperts" on Shopify Community, but Max and his team made it all work. We use WAIO, with Net Terms & Manage Lock with some extra little additions we asked for non-standard. Thanks Digitalcoo team... We cant operate without you!

Opticvision Eyewear
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 5 måneder
8. september 2021

This is the best app for a wholesaler, we have many items and many price ranges, this app provide the functions that all we need, much appreaciated!! they always provide the good service and prompt response. I have some suggestions / ideas, which I already told Max to add these two functions. add an option to search the rule and show more rules per page. It will be more convenient to us and other sellers who need it. thanks!

SAR Hongkong
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 5 måneder
7. september 2021

The app works just as expected. It's great that I can offer both retail and wholesale on one website.

SunKissed Poppy Design
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 3 måneder
7. september 2021

So this is literally the only app that I have found that combines offering discounts to users that have not logged in and also the ability to configure special prices for individual customers. Every other app said this was not possible! Anyway very pleased with the app so far and as far as support goes they have been excellent in making sure the app works with our shop. Great work Max and team, keep it up

HCL Clamping USA
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 28 dage
7. september 2021

I wanted an app to combine the offer of trade prices to be seen only by tagged users, Volume discounts to be seen by all users (not logged in) and also the ability to offer trade payment (net) terms to tagged customers. I spent ages looking around and had a number of false starts. Every app I found said they could not combine the Volume discounts for all users with trade prices for tagged users. Well "Wholesale -All in one" does it all!. Not only that, but as with most apps there are always teething problems. Any issues we have raised with the support team so far have been handled quickly and very competently. Its early days but so far I would give this app and the support 5 stars.

HCL Clamping UK/Europe
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 21 dage
Redigeret 22. maj 2023

Very happy with the application and it functionality, The team has been very helpful and responsive in our customization needs. We have this application on multiple websites and always have experience a quick service turn around and the wiliness to go above and beyond to solve our requirements. Keep up the Good Work. Thank you

Bulk Wholesale Deals
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