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25 de enero de 2024

We've been very happy with the app, as well as the support. It's totally removed our need to input custom orders for commercial clients.

For us, a few killer features:
- live, commercial pricing on the site
- customers become wholesale customers simply via Shopify customer tag, no extra customer profiles stored outside of Shopify. That's great.
- ability to limit certain products (including in search!) to certain commercial customers
- net-30 payment terms

World Spice
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 1 año usando la aplicación
25 de enero de 2024

Great experience with this App. It is well developed, intuitive, stable, reliable, has all the functions I need to run my wholesale business and the support team responds assertively and promptly to my requests.

Pria Handmade Accessories
Estados Unidos
Más de 1 año usando la aplicación
25 de enero de 2024

Wholesale All In One is such great app, and the team is phenomenal. They helped through setup every step of the way, answered questions quickly, and provided great explanations and tutorials for everything.

There was an issue on our website that started around the same time their app was installed, It was a different app causing the issue (we had updated the theme version right before installing their app, so that's likely where the issue came from and why the timing was so close), but they still took the time to help identify what app was causing the issue so we could fix it. Truly above and beyond!

Wonderful team, wonderful service. And we're so excited for the wholesale features. I tried quite a few wholesale apps and this one excelled in a lot of features that other apps didn't have. Very well thought out and well executed. Great work!

Boon Ties
Estados Unidos
9 días usando la aplicación
21 de febrero de 2024

My store hasn’t launched yet but after investigating all the other wholesale apps in the Shopify store, Wholesale All in One seems to be the only one that does everything one needs to run a dynamic online wholesale experience. I mix online wholesale sales with local wholesale sales and the Wholesale All in One team was completely willing to make a few minor tweaks to the platform to meet my specific needs. They were kind and responsive - asking clarifying questions to make sure I got exactly what I needed to make the app work for my specific use case. The app was also the most simple to set up out of all the other apps I tried. Simply put, there is no better Wholesale app on Shopify, especially for the money!

Pastime Coffee
Estados Unidos
13 de febrero de 2024

Incredibly happy with the app and with the support provided by Max and the team.
We were having a lot of issues with our previous pricing app, and Max had no issues walking us through the process to get everything swapped over to Wholesale All In One without any disruptions to our customers. A couple of small issues appeared during the swap, however the support provided by the team was fast, clear, and effective.
Very satisfied with the performance of the app given our complex pricing structure, and even more satisfied with the support provided by the team.

The Cafe Supplier
6 de febrero de 2024

I had an issue with the presentation of the pricing information on products with variants. I described the issue to the Wholesale - All In One Support Team and they fixed it within 48 hours. Not only did they fix it fast, they sent me an e-mail with a video showing how the pricing was now being presented after the fix ... WOW!!

Wheatley Wares
15 de febrero de 2024

Max is always very helpful when an issue arises. They send clear emails and respond quickly. We have used this app for about a year now and only have good things to say.

Once Again Home Co.
Estados Unidos
16 de febrero de 2024

We have been using the wholesale app now for over a year and it has transformed our business. Brilliant customer service, very prompt response when you have a query. Could not recommend this app more. Thank you.

Wiltshire Wood Flooring Supplies
Reino Unido
18 de enero de 2024

The is a grate application we have been using for the past 5 years. The support team is very diligent and helpful with all our requests. We appreciate the fast response and collaboration. Very Happy with the Team.

Backpacks USA
Estados Unidos
Casi 3 años usando la aplicación
10 de enero de 2024

Using this app is very frustrating. I wish this app would fix the documentation and have better customer support. I would only recommend this app for very basic integrations. There are a few major limitations and Shopify features your store must give up that this app does not make clear.
The documentation is outdated and very unclear. There are multiple spelling and grammar errors as if the person writing it has not learned English. If the team fixed this then we wouldn't need to contact their customer support so often.
Contacting the customer support for this app has been a painful experience. Every reply from their team has been vague as if they are trying not to answer questions. Clear documentation would fix this.

Particle Retail Staging
Estados Unidos
Casi 3 años usando la aplicación