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7 april 2023

Had a great experience with the Wholesale Bear support team. They are very helpful and knowledgeable!

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Conversion Bear svarade 17 april 2023

Thank you so much for your 5 star review - we are happy that you had a great experience with the Wholesale Bear team! We really appreciate your support! If there's anything else we can help with, please let us know.

28 december 2022

This app was fantastic the short while I used it. I had to uninstall it for the time being because of the monthly fee was more than we were able to abide this time of year. But we definitely will be reinstalling early next year. The trial was nice but I'd be more interested in a cheaper price option at this stage of our business.

Sulphur Springs Truck Patch
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18 oktober 2022

This is a reasonable app. It would be much better if you could apply discount to to the number of items in a final cart. at the moment you can only add discount by number of items on a single product or discount on a total cart value

Sweet Freedom
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Conversion Bear svarade 18 oktober 2022


We have released a new feature to apply a discount based on the number of products in the cart.


Thank you for the feature request.

We have added your request to apply volume discounts based on the total number of product in the cart to our feature wishlist.

We build new features based on popular demand, and will be happy to follow up as its made available in the future.

The available types of discount we offer are:

- Discounts based on cart value
- Product specific volume discounts
- Fixed pricing

and more.


Redigerat 9 november 2022

the only problem we have with this app is on the Shopify side since it is not able to calculate German net prices correctly. Jonathan is a great support and has always time to look into your problem. We are looking forward to the future updates and will continue to unse this helpful app

Weinberg Shop
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Conversion Bear svarade 15 oktober 2022

We appreciate your review, but I'm afraid that can't be done with any Shopify app, so this is not app specific.

Please note that Shopify does not support more than two decimals per price, when going to the checkout page.

You can test it in any Shopify store - the price in checkout will always be .XX. We only work with Shopify's checkout page, and are bound to its limitations. As such, we also support two decimals only for prices.

For a support inquiry, question or a bug report please use the support chat or support email for assistance: support@conversionbear.com

10 september 2022

Installed it - supposed to be plug and play and oh so simple but it doesn't work! Just add a customer apply a tag login and hey presto NOT.

Botanical Wax Scents
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Conversion Bear svarade 10 september 2022

Unfortunately, it seems you were struggling with the setup process.

Here's a video showing how to install and launch wholesale pricing in under a minute:

https://www.loom.com/share/c3bdfc1ee3cc4f4284744131b313f337 (copy and paste in your browser window)

As seen in the video, Wholesale Bear is working as expected, and can be launched within minutes.

It seems the app was installed and uninstalled by your account within 30 minutes.

Sometimes things don't go as planned, but I believe we deserve a chance to help you setup the app and provide you with a great service.

As you're an entrepreneur yourself, I hope this resonates.

Wholesale Bear powers more than 1,000 Shopify stores. So far, it generated over $10M in sales for our customers. I'm certain it can help your business manage wholesale pricing and sales as well.

We are always happy to help with troubleshooting, even on a Saturday.
Our team sent your account a collaborator access request.
Please approve the access request if you still need assistance in getting Wholesale Bear integrated to your store.

Wholesale Bear's success team is available 7 days a week through live chat and email support@conversionbear.com

Cheers for more sales,

Redigerat 2 september 2022

De app is zeker voldoende voor de meeste doeleinden. Het enige wat momenteel echt mist is de mogelijkheid om prijzen exclusief BTW te tonen bij de producten. 50% korting op een product zou dus 50% excl. BTW moeten zijn. Helaas moet je nu een percentage omrekenen om dit te omzeilen...

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 8 månader
Conversion Bear svarade 2 september 2022

Thank you for your review.

To make things clear: it is possible to show prices excluding VAT, and have customers place an order without including the tax rate.

It depends on how your products are set in Shopify's backend.

If your backend prices are all marked with "tax is included" - then the app has no way to know what's the tax rate it needs to reduce.

But, if your backend products do not include the tax by default, and it is served through your tax settings, then you can use our "tax exempt" feature.

To activate it, please open your whoelsale offer settings, scroll all the way down to the advanced settings section and mark the "Tax exempt" checkbox.

Once you do, the customers tagged with the matching offer tag will not pay any taxes when placing an order.

Please reach out to our team if you need further assistance or clarifications: support@conversionbear.com

20 juli 2022

I so want to keep this app but it has one feature missing that really does stop me from totally committing at this point. If we could organise the listing of products into how we want it to show, then I'd be happy with it - unfortunately, this isn't currently a facility. It must be pretty frustrating if you have a large catalogue of products and you want to place a product next to, or in order of, another product for continuity. I think it's quite a floor really. I think some control over the type of text (font, size, bold etc) would be good too. Other than that, I like it and would definitely give 5 stars otherwise.

Gala Wildlife
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29 april 2022

Great app, as one of the first shops to start using Wholesale Bear; the app has come a long way since its first release. The folks behind the app are a great team to work with. Very helpful when one runs into a problem (very rare), they are also very interested in continuing to improve the app to meet various needs of shops. Keep up the great work.

Fusion Scale Graphics
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 5 månader
20 april 2022

Simple to use & incredibly powerful! We found the support staff genuinely care, are very helpful and open to feedback & feature requests. Couldn't be happier!

Base Camp Beauty
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 6 månader
18 mars 2022

One hell of an app! perfect for what i need but still some room for improvement. I like how easy it is for our wholesale customers to order without having to dip and dive through the website. well done guys!

Juice Cartel
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