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5 april 2024

The system has served us for a long time with efficiency and ease.

But then we started to look into details and we found that the system doesn't use our prices, but changes the prices on a non consistent way.

Worked with their support team for 4 days and finally had to give up on them. No pro active communication, no plan of solving it, just the usual support answer saying we are working on it. Never got to talk to the people working on it but left with a front-end supporter with standard answers.

Now we are left behind with cleaning up several months of orders with errors and no solution. Even during their testing they left behind several orders that we ourselves had to remove and cancel.

Just stressfull to work with
2 stars for the months it worked but should be zero for the lack of support

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18 oktober 2022

This is a reasonable app. It would be much better if you could apply discount to to the number of items in a final cart. at the moment you can only add discount by number of items on a single product or discount on a total cart value

Sweet Freedom
11 dagar användning av appen
Conversion Bear svarade 18 oktober 2022


We have released a new feature to apply a discount based on the number of products in the cart.


Thank you for the feature request.

We have added your request to apply volume discounts based on the total number of product in the cart to our feature wishlist.

We build new features based on popular demand, and will be happy to follow up as its made available in the future.

The available types of discount we offer are:

- Discounts based on cart value
- Product specific volume discounts
- Fixed pricing

and more.