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Bewerkt 23 april 2019

I selected this app for our Wholesale portion of the website. It hasn't worked correctly yet (installed at least 2 weeks ago) and despite reaching out to the team with screen shots and proof of mistakes the developers insist its perfect. I've disappointed and frustrated wholesale customers and lost sales. Now I've got to remove the app and start over. Save yourself time and money and pick someone else. I even reached out to the HR dept to try to get someone's attention. Horrible customer service and an app that doesn't work.

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Orbit heeft geantwoord 23 april 2019

Sorry to hear you're having trouble! It appears our support team has sent you several emails without a response. Could you check your spam filters to see if our messages are getting lost? We would love to help you out and get the app working for you as quickly as possible. Thanks.

Bewerkt 5 december 2022

Support is terrible, as far as my experience has gone its only an email support which in my opinion is utterly useless, when issues come up you need them fixed now, a chat support or even better a person to talk you through problems would be ideal. Integration has been very difficult for me and it doesn't seem to work very well on the site, I wouldn't recommend this app, my experience has been very poor from the start. To your point below, asking people to pay more money if they need help is fairly poor in my opinion. I have been going through emails back and forth for a week now with your staff trying to organise this app. We could have sorted all this out in a 10 minute conversation or on chat support. However if i pay more money you will help faster?

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Orbit heeft geantwoord 1 december 2022

Hi! We do have chat support available on our Premium plan, and we do offer a program called CoPilot that offers 1-on-1 video chat onboarding. We have very prompt email support (for free) as well. I'm sorry you've been having trouble, I've responded to your email to address your concerns - please check your inbox and reply to me ASAP. Thanks! - Emily, Head of Support

13 november 2020

i never used this app and i was still charged, i just want my money back and i feel like im being sent in circles with shopify to get it. Can you help

Haus of Headwraps
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Orbit heeft geantwoord 13 november 2020

Hello! We weren't able to locate a previous refund request from your team, so sorry for any confusion. We have now placed a refund request with Shopify, and sent you an email to confirm this - please have a look on your end and let us know when you've received this. Thank you!

11 mei 2021

If you install the app and don't have any issues then great, however if you have issues and need help the support takes forever to help you.
Looking at other reviews for this app, other people are having issues with getting the support to help. I will choose an alternative app for the same solution.

Yoga Studio Store
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25 dagen gebruiken de app
Orbit heeft geantwoord 11 mei 2021

Thank you for your patience while we investigated the issue you were experiencing. We have responded to your messages, please check your inbox!

5 augustus 2019

I wish I could give this 0 stars. Worst app I've ever used. So not user friendly at all. So confusing even for someone who uses computers for 12+ hours 7 days a week. The customer support is crap. It seems like they just whipped this up over night, didn't even test it, and launched it.

Mushroom Revival
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20 dagen gebruiken de app
13 december 2018

For weeks we have sent in request on this not working. We were told you can not tag more than one program to an account. So we changed this still not working. We also purchased their other app for BOGO sales same issues. When are you going to fix this!!!!!

Inksewn USA
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Bewerkt 7 september 2018

Problems encountered :

- (1) Website load speed decreased after implementation
- (2) It only works if you look in the shopping basket. Example : If you have a normal price on your website for 200 euro, the client will only find out what his price is, when he goes to the basket. If you have for example 1000 products.. the client must add each product to the basket in order to find out it's price!!!

www.WShop.ro by WorldClass | proteine , suplimente nutritive culturism , accesorii fitness
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13 augustus 2020

Quite disappointing, and a huge waste of time.

So we installed this app, to integrate with our trade store, but the most basic feature are not in this app.

We paid $100 for the additional feature of adding discount for bulk orders, however, this does not work per collection... It only works for the whole store, so you can't separate your catalog at all. (This is actually quite funny, since by default, you can offer automatic discounts to customers based on specific collections or products in shopify...)

We then paid another 100$ for the feature of adding discounts to tagged products. However, this ran into severe issues, and it bugged out the app, since our customers have different tags based on which brand they have a trade discount for.

The support overall is also extremely slow, we purchased some themes from them, because they look great, but they are quite a few issues each time, and theme support is even slower!

It can easily take up to 5 days for you to get a reply about an issue, which just results in a crazy amount of lost time for apps or themes that don't work.

TDW Trade Store
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24 juli 2020

No free of cost support, if you have a store with a huge amount of product, the app don't work and have a bad Performance.
Advanced Support costs you 90USD, additional functionality also only available on additional cost. Bad service but a lot to pay before you can be testt it is working or not.

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Orbit heeft geantwoord 24 juli 2020

Hello! Support is free. We have a separate program titled Premium Onboarding that is completely optional and gives merchants access to priority access in the queue and other features - but it's optional. Our regular support is free. We have responded to your emails and are awaiting responses - please respond ASAP. Thank you!

Bewerkt 28 mei 2021

Horrible service. I emailed them and said that I was in a huge hurry and that i needed the app to be installed right away. they went ahead and told me that they were busy but installs were taking 2-3 days. I went ahead and got the app on a Monday thinking that it would take 2-3 days. 10 days went by with many many emails going back and forth and they were still waiting on a developer to get to it. I also purchased some addons that they have and spent $130,I emailed them 4 times already about getting a refund for those items but I still haven't gotten an email back about this. I might have to call my credit card company and dispute the charges. After I did this review they finally gave me a refund. Thank you for the refund. I sent 3-4 emails on the refund. One of the emails I added 3 of your email addresses on there. What I’m mad about is not the refund. It’s the lack of communication and responsibility. I was in a pickle and I really needed your app to be up and running on a timely manner and that did not happen. We currently use your app on another store and this is why we decided to go with you again. My company lost 34% of our business 2 weeks ago because you guys did not install your app in the time frame that you said you would. 34% equals $19,720 in revenue that we lost. Are you going to refund me for that? The app company that we went with was able to get our store running again in 24 hours after installing their app on a weekend. I wish you guys the best, but your service is horrible.

Break Point FC
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7 dagen gebruiken de app
Orbit heeft geantwoord 28 mei 2021

Thanks for reaching out. While our ticket history with you doesn't show a requested refund, we have now processed the full refund on our end. We have followed up via email with more details, please check your inbox!